Sam Vaknin: Evaluating the mental health of a public figure.

Last evening I was walking the dogs when my husband texted me that Senator Cruz was suspending his campaign. When I returned to the house, I texted one of my friends and lamented that we do not have anyone to vote for in either the primary or the general election. She wrote back:

Yes, I am officially a never Trump…

If doesn’t matter because he would be as bad as Hillary…

With this development in the presidential race, there are people cheering, while others are truly sad and groaning in despair!

I will be meeting with another friend this afternoon who is pro-Trump and will probably be ecstatic that he is now the presumptive republican nominee. We have been very close friends for about 26 years and rarely disagree on anything. However, we do disagree about Trump.

Previously, I wrote this post where, I tried to warn my friend that Trump doesn’t appear to be a genuine Christian believer in Jesus Christ.  However, in order to not sound too harsh about my reservations regarding a Trump presidency, I also wrote, “we aren’t electing a ‘pastor in chief’ and she agreed with that.”


We got on the subject of Trump’s faith, and I shared with my friend the research I had done on him (some of which is in this post).

My friend didn’t know this information about Trump, (especially the point that Trump doesn’t see the need to ask God for forgiveness) and being a devout Catholic I think that it concerned her as it has concerned me. However, I did say that we aren’t electing a “pastor in chief” and she agreed with that. I stated that in the Bible, God has used non-believers to carry out His eternal plan. We know from history that many of these types of leaders (the various “isms” like communism, Islamism etc.) have wreaked havoc upon their own people.  The Bible warns us about the adversary, Satan who comes to “steal, kill, and destroy” through the use of such evil leaders.  God can use even this as a form of chastisement to turn people back to God.

My question.  Do we need more chastisement after the last 7+ long egregiously aberrant years under the current hoax and chains administration?

Well, a good blogging friend of mine wrote a post LESSONS IN SCRIPTURE: “We’re Electing A Leader, Not A Pastor”. Upon reading it, I found myself agreeing with him on many points!


Well, for all our ‘technological advancement,’ our founders were far wiser than we are today.  They understood the perils of pride and arrogance, and that, if we allowed it to govern us instead of God’s Word, it would cost us our liberty.  If you doubt this, then open this link and start reading their words.  I am pretty sure they would condemn anyone who says “we’re electing a leader, not a pastor.”  But then, you might disagree…

In the Founders’ Words: the Essential Role of Religion in Public and Civic Life

Next, I ran across the following (absolutely devastating!) post over at Gulag Bound.

How Bad a Narcissist is Donald Trump, Really? Sam Vaknin Explains

There is so much to read at the link that it is difficult to excerpt! However, here are a few:

Vaknin: Evaluating the mental health of a public figure requires an inordinate amount of research. Over the past 5 years, I have watched well over 600 hours of Trump in various settings and read everything he has written and was quoted as saying. I have no such in-depth acquaintance with the other candidates except Clinton.

Trump is a malignant narcissist. This view is shared by dozens of mental health professionals who went on public record with their analyses of his mental infirmity. He is dangerous, antisocial, destructive, vindictive, sadistic, and hypervigilant (paranoid and hypersensitive).

[Vaknin]: Trump is so unfit to be president that I am not sure where to start. But here are a few issues that are likely to raise their collective ugly heads even in the first weeks of a Trump Presidency:

Trump regards himself as omniscient, an authority on anything and everything, from aesthetics to ethics. He, therefore, lacks intellectual curiosity and regards outside advice as both superfluous and injurious (because it implies that he is less than perfect). He is likely to surround himself with timid yes-men and sycophantic acolytes, and generate an impregnable echo chamber rather than a council of wise men and women.

Trump’s grasp of nuanced reality, weak as it already is, is likely to deteriorate further to the point of paranoid psychosis. Faced with opposition, however tenuous, he is likely to react by scapegoating and by inciting street or state violence against targeted groups. Trump is the state, so his enemies (anyone who as much as voices doubt or disagrees with him) is, by definition, an enemy of the state.

[Like] all narcissists, Trump believes that he is universally loved, adored, and admired. He attributes this ostensible (and utterly delusional) blanket approbation to his effusive charm and irresistibility. He is firmly convinced that he can motivate people to transgress against their own moral convictions and to break the law, if necessary, just by the sheer force of his monumental personality. Trump idealizes and then rapidly devalues people, collectives, and institutions. Trump is in sempiternal flux: he is inconstant in his judgements, opinions, views, and fleeting attachments.

Trump is intellectually lazy, so he is a firm adherent of shortcuts and of “fake it till you make it.” It is a dangerous approach that led him to botch numerous business deals and inflict untold damage and suffering on thousands of people. [AW: e.g., bankrupt businesses, Trump University.]

Trump is authoritarian in the worst sense of the word. In his disordered, chaotic mind, he is infallible (incapable of erring), omnipotent (can achieve anything if he just sets his mind to it), and omniscient (needs to learn nothing as he is the fount of all true, intuitive knowledge). This precludes any proper team work, orderly governance, institutional capacity, flow of authority and responsibility, and just plain structure. Trump is an artist, led by inconsistent and intermittent inspiration, not by reliable, old-fashioned perspiration. He is not a self-made man, but a self-conjured caricature of a self-made man. Trump is guided by his alleged inner divine wisdom. He is a malevolent guru and cult leader, not a politician or a statesman.

Ironically, Trump’s much trumpeted grandiosity is fragile because it is based on delusional and fantastic assumptions of perfection and intellectual brilliance which are hard to defend. Hence Trump’s relentless and compulsive pursuit of affirmation and adulation. He needs to be constantly idolized just to feel half human. Criticism and disagreement, however minor and well-intentioned, are perceived as unmitigated threats to the precarious house of cards that is Trump’s personality. Consequently, Trump is sadistically vindictive, aiming not just to counter such countervailing opinions regarding his Godlike status, but to deter and intimidate future critics. [AW: behaviors unfortunately lumped nebulously together in the media as “bullying”]

The author being interviewed in that post certainly has done far more research than the average person. He has spent over 600 hours on diagnosing Trump!  He has written books on malignant personality disorder!

Sam Vaknin is the author of “Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited” and other books and e-books about personality disorders in general and pathological narcissism in particular. His work is cited widely in both scholarly literature and the media. His YouTube channels have 45,000 subscribers and more than 15,000,000 views.

Ugh…our future as a nation needs to be held up in much prayer and we need to cry out to God for forgiveness and healing!  If we are not entering into the end times that leads to the future Great Tribulation, then we are certainly experiencing the “birth pangs” that Jesus told us would happen the closer we get!

Rom 8:22

For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.

***Dear believers in the Lord Jesus Christ! ***

Rom 8:19

For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

Rom 8:20

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope;

Rom 8:21

because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.


***PLEASE read all of  Romans 8  for needed encouragement!***


2Ch 7:14

“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Hat tips to all links.

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6 Responses to “Sam Vaknin: Evaluating the mental health of a public figure.”

  1. Black3Actual Says:

    I have been trying to warn people that Trump IS a ‘Hitler in the making.’ All the ingredients are there. To me, he is the bigger danger. If Hillary is elected, the GOP will fight her, as well as some in her own Party. But if Trump gets in, everyone will back him. The Democrats because he shares their political goals and will make deals; the GOP because he will be ‘their guy,’ and the ‘independents’ because they think he will ‘make America great again.’ Once you teach a person like Trump that he can get away with things on a national level instead of just business, you will have let the monster out. But then, if we refuse to learn from Biblical history, why should we bother to learn from recent history?

    I fear for our nation, but I have TOTAL faith and trust in the Lord.

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Thanks for your two great posts at your blog and for coming over here to comment.

      Wasn’t that Sam Vaknin interview devastatingly scary? People who think (and know!) that Trump is very dangerous may not even know how terribly dangerous he is at this point. Must we find out through electing this monster?

      Those who think that Trump has any truth in him will be sorely disappointed! We have already seen the lies that surround his life and now candidacy…why are so many people blind to this reality?
      Answer: There is a veil over their minds’ eye and the “god of this age has blinded” them!

      I think that these verses explain it:

      2Co 4:3

      But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing,

      2Co 4:4

      whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.

      2Co 4:5

      For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your bondservants for Jesus’ sake.

      The whole counsel of 2 Corinthians 4 explains it!

      Yes! We have TOTAL faith and trust in Jesus Christ and for that reason alone there is no need to fear man.


      • Black3Actual Says:

        We agree. And the answer as to why no one knows about this is simple: our ‘media’ has become part of the governing apparatus (i.e. govt. propaganda arm). They KNOW who Trump is, and there is plenty of evidence they could have shown us — just the same as they could have told us who Obama was before the election. They use their information not to serve, but to deceive and control. In other words, as a weapon. It is just part of the evil world in which we live, and those who cannot see it…

        Well, you’ve already addressed that 😦

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  2. christinewjc Says:

    Here is a great post of, and for Christian encouragement!

    What you say vs. What God says.

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  3. GMpilot Says:

    CJW: When I returned to the house, I texted one of my friends and lamented that we do not have anyone to vote for in either the primary or the general election.
    Might I suggest some advice…?
    You should be fine: the “half-white Islamofascist Muslim” will be gone in a matter of months, and you can start the game anew. The Senator from Alberta has ‘suspended’ his campaign, and I believe his choice of that word: we’ll see him again in 2020 for sure. But don’t stay home because there’s no one to vote for. You always have a choice; if you don’t vote, you’ve surrendered that choice.

    “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for…but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.
    If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning fool (there is always one around) and ask his advice. Then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time on it that truly intelligent exercise of franchise requires.”

    With this development in the presidential race, there are people cheering, while others are truly sad and groaning in despair!
    I’m not cheering. One of the two political parties of this nation is self-destructing as I watch. It might be gratifying in the short-term, but it means the US could become a one-party state. I don’t want that, and I’m sure you don’t either. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that, and the government could then become as ‘tyrannical’ as you’ve often claimed it is. So, what are you going to do about it?
    If you are among those who ‘are truly sad and groaning in despair’, then I must ask why. Surely you believe your God is in control, don’t you? So if this is happening, then it must be exactly what he wants, right?
    For someone who has TOTAL faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you sure don’t sound like it, but maybe your lamentations are just a front. I’ve been fooled before.

    I don’t think Trump will go all the way—and I will work to see that he doesn’t—but I hope he’ll put the GOP on notice.


  4. Ultimately, What Is The Truth About Trump? | Talk Wisdom Says:

    […] video, this post and this post are what I have found, so far, to be most troublesome and concerning about the […]


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