Where’s The Courage?

During an ongoing discussion in the Disqus comment section at Matt Walsh’s blog, I ran across a post on my Disqus home page that came from my former Talk Wisdom blog.  It was written during the Carrie Prejean “Miss California” controversy. [Note: scroll down past the Facebook comments at Walsh’s blog to reach the blog comments via Disqus.]

Please read my Talk Wisdom blog post:

What The World Can’t Take Away From Carrie Prejean.

This young woman had the courage of her convictions and stood strong in the Lord through a horrible barrage of attacks and controversy.

People who take the time to read about all the controversy that swirled around Carrie back in 2009 will notice that Prejean is not a ‘perfect Christian’.   But the truth is, none of us are!  That is precisely why we ALL need to repent and accept THE one who is perfect –  Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

I had forgotten that it was Donald Trump who ultimately gave the “OK” to have one of his underlings announce the decision to strip Prejean of her Miss California crown because she stood up for her Christian faith in the question and answer portion at the pageant and answered a question where she replied that she believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Hmmm…so is Trump really on the side of traditional, biblically based marriage as created by God? Or is he pro-homosexual faux ‘marriage’ today? Appears that he was siding with the latter ideology back in 2009.

So far, I found this blog post over at the National Organization for Marriage which describes that when asked at a news conference, Trump was noncommittal either way because he refused to answer the question!

I find it disturbing that he refused to answer the question.  If he doesn’t have the courage to answer a simple question, how will he have the courage of conviction in the face of the problems he would face as president?



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