In This Highly Contentious Political Season, Seek Out the Truth

There are several bloggers who are covering the thugs who, unfortunately, shut down the free speech rights of Donald Trump to speak in Chicago. How is it fair for these agitators to prevent his supporters (or those who just wanted to see what he had to say) to threaten violence in order to keep Trump from exercising his free speech rights to speak at the rally? I have chosen just to link to them so that you can see for yourselves what transpired.

1. The Last Refuge: Eyewitness Account From Chicago Trump Rally

2. The Last Refuge: Far-Left Anarchists With MoveOn.Org and Bernie Sanders Take Credit For Chicago Political Mayhem…

Because I believe in our nation’s First Amendment free speech rights, I DO think that these paid George Soros thugs have the right to protest. But I also think that the Trump rally should have also been given the right to have his voice heard. After all, if Bernie Sanders (a Socialist who would wreak even more havoc here in the U.S. than 0bama already has over the past 8 years) has the right to spew his far leftist, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals rhetoric and techniques (a book that was dedicated to Lucifer!), totalitarian, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Israel beliefs; then someone like Donald Trump should be able to speak at rallies, too.  Plus, I can’t even get started on the liar Hillary, who continues to campaign despite the fact that she deserves to be indicted for her crimes!

With that said, I must say that I continue to believe that Trump is not the best choice to run on the Republican ticket. Of course, this entire scenario will play itself out and we will see what happens in the future. But I happen to think that the MORE people who hear Trump’s empty rhetoric, the better it will be for the other candidates. Case in point, the last Republican debate (which was the best IMHO) revealed the stark differences between Trump and the remaining candidates. The following post shares a few of my thoughts regarding why any of the other Republican candidates would be better than Trump.

Which One of These Is Not Like the Others?

Anyone who has been watching the news on the media of mass deception already knows about the comparisons of Trump to Hitler. Are such comparisons legitimate? Or, are they far-fetched fantasies within the anti-Trump groups of people who oppose him as a candidate for president?

Well, my Christian blogging friend over at Oil For Your Lamp has a well thought out post which discusses this very issue! Readers may or may not agree with what he wrote, but I thought that the comparison of Hitler’s style of rhetoric prior to 1939 which mesmerized the German people and Trump’s current style was absolutely chilling and definitely thought-provoking!

HISTORIC COMPARISONS: Is The Comparison Of Trump To Hitler ‘Legitimate?’

I like the fact that the author asks the question for readers to decide for themselves if such a comparison is true (or perhaps similar).


OK, now, whether you love him or hate him, the best story on the comparison of Trump to Hitler is probably the Glenn Beck piece.  That is because Beck explains why the comparison is legitimate by pointing out that the people making these comparisons know history better than the average person.  By that, Beck means they know who Hitler was before he became known for starting the Holocaust and WW II.  The people comparing Trump to Hitler are not saying Trump is the 1939-45 Hitler, but the 1929-1938 Hitler.  Hitler was a different person before 1939, and it is that person to whom people are comparing Trump — and as you will soon see, they are correct to do so.

Now, before we begin looking at the similarities, let me suggest that you not look for exact matches.  Trump does not need to be repeating, word-for-word, the same things as Hitler to be using the same tactics.  Nor does Trump have to advocate the exact same program to be pushing the same agenda.  What we have to do is look for things that are similar between the two and then see if they both point to the same underlying agenda and tactics.  So, with this in mind, let me share a few useful links and highlight a few key points in them and let you determine whether or not they bear any resemblance to the things Trump has been doing and saying on the campaign trail.

I would encourage all to read the entire post:

HISTORIC COMPARISON: Is The Comparison of Trump to Hitler Legitimate?

Now, some readers may think that I might be siding with the thugs that prevented Trump from appearing at the Chicago rally.  Well, you would be COMPLETELY wrong about that and I can prove it!

Those thugs were all for another Hitler type liar, propagandist and America-destroying thug back in 2009!

Canada Free Press: Is Obama Studying the Hitler Handbook?

Just a little excerpt which, in hindsight speaks of 0bama:

The transformation of youth………how does this happen? How does one focus these young minds?

Hitler had it nailed down. He knew that youth were the future, more teachable and moldable. The adults of Germany remembered living under democracy and might not be so easily fooled by Hitler’s slams against democracy. Remember, Hitler was a socialist voted into power by a democracy! Does this sound familiar anyone? Can you think of any other country that as a republic or democracy voted in a socialist who wants control and power? Gee………

The Historic comparison post links to several other must read posts, including a post at Business Insider which revealed (back in Aug. 2015) that Donald Trump’s Ex-wife Once Said He Kept a Book of Hitler’s Speeches by His Bed.

Now, everyone can decide for themselves whether or not the ex-wife was bitterly gossiping against her ex or telling the truth.  However, if you read that link you will find out even more chilling information from individuals who apparently discussed the issue with Trump.

In my own mind, the two previous posts that I blogged about first stood out for reasons not to trust Trump. Many other reasons have been added since then and I thank my blogging friend Joe for his timely post on the current contentious issues surrounding the Trump campaign!

Previous posts:

Trump And The Message of the Cross

Is It Important To Ask God For Forgiveness?


Hat Tip:

Oil For Your Lamp

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5 Responses to “In This Highly Contentious Political Season, Seek Out the Truth”

  1. Black3Actual Says:

    Keep in mind that the far Left (Fascism, Communism, Socialism, etc) are all driven by the same spirit. They all seek the same general destination; they’re just fighting over who gets to drive the car. This is why Trump, Obama, Hillary and the GOP ‘Establishment’ all use the same tactics against each other: they are just different factions of the same general agenda.

    While the MoveOn people may be fascistic toward Trump, Trump has been equally so toward those who have said things he did not like. He went so far as to promise government action to silence people — IF he is elected. So no side which uses these tactics is innocent. The thing we should take away from it is to flee from ALL people/groups that use them because the tactic shows they are all of the same ‘spirit.’

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Absolutely true! Thanks for your excellent comment!

      I see Trump supporters as so hungry and thirsty for “relief” from this same ‘spirit’ that is found in all of the characters you have listed! What they don’t realize (eyes have been blinded?) is that Trump is of the same ‘spirit’ and he is NOT going to be what they actually need.

      None of the candidates will fill that need in the lives of these hungry and thirsty people. They all need JESUS and Him crucified! Christ is sufficient for us, so no matter what happens in this fallen world, nothing can separate us from Him!

      I am seeing more and more that 1 Corinthians 1:18 is very prevalent today.

      1Co 1:18

      For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

      A more superficial type of faith that wants to label itself as “Christian” is not just creeping into our churches, but becoming the “leaders” of our churches!

      We can look at the letters to the seven churches listed in the book of Revelation and see what Christ has against them. Only two of the seven did not receive any condemnation. That’s a terrible percentage and I think that the five churches who received condemnation back then also represent a lot of the churches in today’s culture! I don’t want to get too far off topic but I have attended, witnessed, and left four churches over the past several years because they went astray in some way and/or “lost their first love” (Christ)!

      2 Corinthians 4 comes to mind at this time in history and speaks volumes to me! And I’m sure that chapter speaks to your heart as well!

      Thanks so much for coming over and commenting! And thanks for your post!

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      • Black3Actual Says:

        I have come to see Christ’s address to the seven churches as addressed to individual churches, but also to the 7 Church ages. If looked at in this way, I fear we are in the 7th age. We pretend at Christianity, but our fruit is bad (we’re lukewarm).

        As for people in the church and pulpit who do not fully believe: I understand. I am struggling with this, myself. For me, a former Marine, this is simple. You either accept and keep your orders (Scripture) or you do not, and if you do not, then you are NOT a Marine but a ‘want-to-be.’ Too many calling themselves Christian these days are want-to-bes.

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      • christinewjc Says:

        Good point. I also believe that many people today prefer the “cross less gospel.” [If you care to read a post about this from 2005, go to this link scroll down a bit, and read, “Beware the Cross-less Gospel” by Roger Chilvers]

        Without taking the cross of Christ seriously, people can then surmise that they have no need to repent. [Trump has admitted to the public that he doesn’t think he needs to ask God for forgiveness. Therefore, he is likely an adherent to the “cross-less gospel,” believing that Christ’s sacrifice doesn’t apply to him.]

        As you stated, many tend to “pretend at Christianity.” They are “lukewarm.” How do I know this? Because I was once like that. It’s like night and day when one takes to heart the true Gospel message, repents, and invites Jesus Christ into one’s heart as Lord and Savior. There have been many miraculous events in my life that have cemented my belief in Jesus – and I thank God for them!

        BTW, in case I never said this before I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, Joe, for your service to our country!


      • christinewjc Says:

        Hi again Joe,

        About “the seven churches as addressed to individual churches, but also to the 7 Church ages” that you shared in your comment. I must admit that I am not so familiar with that view. Not claiming that it isn’t true, but I have read in one particular book on Revelation that the condemnation to the five churches is because the Lord has also said, “Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline.” (3:19); which can also be applied towards churches of all ages.

        He we see the Lord of the Church appealing to His churches in love and concern. The appeal of these letters is personal to each local church. At the same time, the principles dealt with are universal in nature.

        [Source: “The Book of Revelation: Unlocking the Future” by Ed Hindson, 2002 by Tyndale Theological Seminary.]

        Since the term “universal” can have different meanings, I looked it up and this definition from seems to apply:

        adjective 2.

        applicable everywhere or in all cases; general:
        a universal cure.

        In studies that I have done on the book of Revelation, that explanation seemed to be constant within each study.

        That is why we can see how these letters written to the seven churches in John’s time can also be applied to churches today; and even more so the closer we get to the end times!


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