Hunter: “There is no room in the current political climate for these men of authenticity.”

My friend Steve at Cry and Howl shared a link to an article that I think would benefit everyone who has been following the election.

American Thinker: ‘Nice’ losers, Nasty Winners in 2016


The presidential candidate of Midwestern nostalgia, Ohio governor John Kasich*, is a nice man. Unfortunately, the 2016 election cycle is a meat-grinder: equal parts unpredictability and contentiousness, not decency. Therefore, “nice guy” candidates like the highly likable and eminent Dr. Ben Carson, in the same Kasich mold, trail badly in the polls.

In any case, the electorate is disillusioned by the establishments of both political parties, as well as the propagandist, one-sided MSM that carries the Democrats’ swill of half-truths, misleading statements by omission, and outright cover for lies (like Joe Biden’s 1992 “misunderstood” objection to an end-term Republican president making a Supreme Court nomination.)

All under Mr. Obama’s golf-playing watch: 10 trillion in additional debt; almost 8 more years of economic downturn; 93 million able-bodied Americans unable to find employment; Democrats’ pandering to Radical Islam, illegal aliens and Black Lives Matter; Europe awash in 60 million migrants and the Middle East on fire with terrorism. And lest I forget, our pro-Islamic president‘s crowning legacy: the high probability proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East under the control of Iranian ayatollahs.

To any clear thinking person, is it any surprise that everything is “throw the bums out?” (This means you too, House Speaker Paul Ryan, with your “fresh start” 2 trillion dollar budgetary capitulation to Democrats.) In 2016, it takes no genius to realize that voters are fed up to their eyeballs. Consequently, Kasich’s fond Americana of homemade apple pies or “I Love Lucy” reruns is out-of-step with the timbre of the country.

Be sure to read it all! It’s a must read today!



I finally figured out why many evangelical Christians have voted for Trump and will vote for him when the primary hits their states. It’s not only the establishment Republicans the voters are fed up with; but it is also the political “elites,” the Republican Senators and Congressmen who got into office stating their conservative values and intentions (which many sadly backtracked on!), the media of mass deception, or the complete disaster of 0zero and his BADministration.  It is also because voters are fed up with the donor class!

I have been getting so many annoying emails from every candidate except Trump. We all know why he doesn’t need to do that. However, my fear is that Trump would turn out to be another 0bama with an “R” next to his name if he gets into office.

Hat tips:

Steve at Cry and Howl
American Thinker

  •  One note of disagreement with the author.  I have heard several times in the past that Kasich puts on an act about being nice in the public eye but he is very foul-mouthed, mean and vindictive behind closed doors.  Here is a comment at the American Thinker site about him:

kentramsay • 5 hours ago

Anybody who says John Kasich is a “nice and authentic man” is completely ignorant of John Kasich. Kasich is a very mean and vindictive man. Shortly after becoming governor John Kasich went against the will of the people and the legislature of Ohio and used “executive authority” (illegal) to cram Medicaid Expansion down the throats of the citizens of a state who had just elected a legislature that had voted this down. Then after doing this brazen act against his own citizens, Kasich worked with union thug money and Chamber of Commerce money to target the state legislators who actually had done right and represented their voters in this matter. Katich essentially targeted every conservative state rep for elimination with campaigns of lies and Alinsky deceptions. Just like the stuff of Trump. Kasich is a liar and a bully and the public crying sensitive metrosexual persona he puts on is a complete act. He is a very bad man.



5 Responses to “Hunter: “There is no room in the current political climate for these men of authenticity.””

  1. Adam Kautz Says:

    93 million able bodied Americans who can’t find work. Actually it’s 93 million people who have an excuse. There are plenty of jobs out there of course they would require that these people attend a trade school to be trained for these new tech jobs and like most people they are too lazy or too stubborn to go get retrained so that they can work a job that pays 3-4 times what they were making before.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Yes Adam. What you wrote is true to a certain extent. After 7 horrid years under Obama, there are people who enjoy being on the dole too much so they don’t care if they ever even get a job.

      The other cause is that the policies of this BADminstration have caused small businesses to fire people, make them part time, or in the worst case scenario, they are forced to close their businesses. Ovomitcare caused employers to hire people to work part time rather than full time to avoid paying through the nose because of the law and/or avoiding the penalties imposed upon them. Thus, full time jobs dried up at such a huge rate that people gave up looking for work.

      Others could probably list dozens of other reasons for the slow growth rate in our fledgling economy. Recently heard on the radio that back in 2009, Joe Biden admitted that over 400,000 jobs would need to be added every month for a decade to get out from under this recession. We all know that that amount of new jobs in one month has never even happened once over the past 7 years!

      I hear what you are saying and it is a very sad truth. The millennials who are cheering on and supporting Bernie Sanders goes to show how ignorant they are about socialism and how it has never worked in history! Eventually, they run out of other people’s money!


  2. GMpilot Says:

    Maybe the source of Hunter’s anguish is simply the fact that Christianity in America is no longer a religion. Now it’s become just another political party.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Won’t check that link right now, but I do know that you’re hopelessly wrong about what you wrote regarding how you perceive Christianity to be.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Came back home today and looked at the link you provided.


      Shows why you hate Christians so much. You follow that kind of flawed logic and lies about a certain type of Christian believers, then attribute such traits to all Evangelicals?

      I’m speechless…

      But God’s Word comes through for me every time so here’s a Bible verse in response:

      1Co 1:18

      For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

      In fact, the entire chapter speaks about those who are perishing (including the ones at that link that spew their hatred) compared to those who are being saved by the cross of Christ – which is the power of God.


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