An Encounter With Earl

Yesterday was the day that I was able to get back on track with my fitness training.  Since beginning this type of training over a year ago, my strength has improved tremendously, I have been able to keep my weight down and I have noticed a significant improvement from the aches and pains associated with aging.

My son owns a Fitness Together studio about 20 minutes away from my home and he usually schedules my training time at the end of the morning session of clients so that we can have lunch together.

Fitness Together - San Diego, CA, United States

Well, this particular day I would have arrived too early so I decided to do some errands before getting to the studio.  My second errand was a quick run down the aisles of the local Vons grocery store.  Just as I was heading to the checkout, my son texted that his previous client had completed her training session.

There appeared to be only one checkout stand open with about 3 people in line.  They didn’t have many items so I thought that it would still be a quick checkout.

Then, out from the back of the third checkout stand popped a gentleman who motioned to me (in quite an amusing and flamboyant manner) to come over to that particular checkout stand.

When I complied, he began talking to me as I hurriedly placed my items on the conveyor belt.

He then said something like,  ‘Am I being too annoying by chatting with you this way?  Don’t you hate when grocery checkers do that?’

I glanced up at him and said, “Well, you certainly put a smile on my face!”

He then said, “be sure to swipe your Vons card!”  I told him that I had already punched in my phone number.  I looked up at the register total and noticed a series of about 10 sales tax listings of $1.79.  I quipped, “I didn’t know that Bernie Sanders already became president! ”

Earl said, “Want more?” And he kept adding the $1.79 sales tax on the list.

I laughed and told him, “Bernie said he would tax people at 90% of their income.”

Earl said, “No – that’s for Trump to build the wall!”

He then added, “That’s only for the rich…are you rich?”

The lady behind me in line said, “She won’t be if Sanders gets into office!”  Had quite the laugh about that!

I told Earl that my husband is retired and I’m a homemaker.

I noticed that he had placed about 10 game pieces upon the Monopoly game sheet that Vons is running these days.  I said, “did I earn all of those pieces with this one order?  He said, “Yeah, killed a few more trees.”

Earl was friendly and funny and made the checkout experience quite entertaining.

As I was leaving I said, “Bye Earl!”

He said, “Y’all come back now! Ya hear?”

Urban Dictionary Top Definition

Ya’ll come back now! Ya hear?

A redneck woman tells you to come back to where you are when you are leaving, and then asking if you heard her.

Bye, Ya’ll come back now! Ya hear?

Earl just happened to be black and too young-looking to recall the Beverly Hillbillies series! Perhaps he has seen the re-runs?

I chuckled to myself as I pushed my cart to my car. Wondered if he said that because he thought I was a redneck, a millionaire, or did I just resemble Miss Hathaway or Granny Clampett? I will have to ask him next time I’m there!



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