The Political Version of Adam’s Excuse to God

It is very, very sobering to realize and admit that we are all complicit in the evil. Black3Actual over at Oil For Your Lamp has written a post that brings one to the conclude with the fact that only Jesus Christ can save us from ourselves! This becomes more and more evident to me with each passing year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second!

Jesus Christ, our good shepherd, is the world’s one and only true hope!

The wise still seek Him!

~ Christine

Thanks for this post, Joe. Needed to be said, written and shared.

The Oil for Your Lamp

When I saw this picture, all I could think about was the excuse Adam gave God for eating the forbidden fruit:

“It’s not my fault; that woman you gave me made me do it.”

my country

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3 Responses to “The Political Version of Adam’s Excuse to God”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    I found this point to be significant:

    We all making excuses for our actions. In fact, we do it so much. we’ve assigned special names to our excuses. (…) The reality is that an excuse is an attempt to shift blame from ourselves to another party.

    That shouldn’t be news to any of us. Blaming the other guy is the world’s most popular indoor sport. Everyone does it, and the only difference is the target.
    Yes, we all bear responsibility for the government we live in, but many of us—perhaps most of us—feel they have no personal stake in the nation and its institutions. The people (including politicians) consists of those who haven’t got “it” and blame someone else as the reason why they don’t have it, and those who do have “it” and whose biggest concern is about making sure they don’t lose any of it to the other guy. Nearly everyone falls into one category or the other. We are taught to value competition over cooperation…and we’ve seen how that attitude, when applied to government, can lead to disaster.

    What I find most interesting is B3A’s last point:

    Blaming someone else will not work when they day of reckoning comes.

    But isn’t blaming someone else and letting them take the rap the whole point of Christianity? Those who bathe in the “blood of the Lamb” have their blame washed away…or the consequences of that blame, anyway. There really isn’t anything comparable to that in politics, but every now and then the nation enters periods where we attempt to duplicate that in our government. It doesn’t work.

    Adam was guilty of giving his wife more credence than his god. The lesson of that seems to be “obey your god, and beware the women (which god has given you).”

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    • christinewjc Says:


      I applaud your answer in the first part of your comment.

      However, the second part needs to be challenged and explained in more detail. I have Bible study class this morning. Perhaps Joe will come by and share why what you wrote about “blaming someone else” regarding Jesus is not quite accurate.


      • GMpilot Says:

        Perhaps he will, perhaps not. I’m ready either way. But this is your blog, not his.
        Since you felt it important enough to replicate his post here, then you feel strongly enough about it to state your case to anyone who asks…including me.

        I can wait until you come back. There’s plenty of time.


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