The Life of Adam [Update]

This has just been released.  I am watching the documentary right now (December 29, 2015 @ 9:40 a.m. PT).

Media The Life of Adam Documentary.

Talk Wisdom Reports…You Decide.

Comments? Questions? Discussion of this documentary is welcome.

~ Christine

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It took several hours (with long breaks in-between) to view the entire documentary.  I think that the producers and researchers did a great job in sharing what the media of mass deception would never share with the public regarding the life of Adam.  The documentary raises many questions that need answering!  Without full disclosure through the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, how is the public supposed to know the entire truth in this matter?

IMHO, that’s the point!

The public is NOT to know the entire truth in this matter and the hush money spent, threats against those who expose the lies, and the efforts being made to keep the truth from getting out have been utilized for over three years now.

Additional blogs (with many links) covering this documentary as well as much of the Sandy Hook anomalies that lead us into seeing it as a contrived, false flag event operation include:

Fellowship of the The Life of Adam Lanza – Alleged Sandy Hook killer.


If you are wondering how the government could get away with disinformation, propaganda, and false flag events, read about the Smith-Mundt Act of 2012:

WND: New Law Allows 0bama to Take Over All Media

“If it weren’t for my TV, I wouldn’t know what is real…

One more step away…”

– Quote by Brandon Heath in the lyrics of the song, “Leaving Eden.”


Please see my previous posts at my former blog with details about disinformation and the Smith-Mundt Act of 2012:

Talk Wisdom BlogSpot: Disinformation.


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