Learn The Truth About Hamas Terrorist Attacks in Israel!

Recent episodes of Israel Now News are a MUST for Christians here in America to view in order to get the REAL story about what is transpiring in the Holy Land of Israel! I will warn you that our so-called “leaders” here in America (namely Ozero and Kerry) portray an ugly side of this current leftist/progressive/socialist/communist/Islamo-fascist supporting BADministration here in America!

How ludicrous of Ozero and Kerry to claim that both sides are at fault for the escalation of violence!  People…that is NOT the truth!

Fortunately, most Israelis know that the American people (except for the leftist freaks who despicably support the evil Hamas leader and those terrorists he sends in to stab and kill the Jews!!) Stand with Israel and support their right to defend themselves!

About Israel NOW News

Israel Now News is a creative and innovative weekly TV news magazine presenting a unique perspective of Israel’s current events, politics, and culture to an English speaking audience. Israel Now News consists of a dynamic format offering its viewers an exciting educational experience unparalleled by any other news source.
Israel is consistently at the mercy of the international media and foreign coverage of the conflict over the Holy Land is rarely unbiased. It is important that Christians worldwide have an unprejudiced source of news about Israel. Israel Now News is an unbiased weekly news source designed to educate and embolden Christians to take an active role in prophecy and to stand with Israel.

The two latest episodes give us much more information about the latest attacks being perpetrated against Jews in Israel by the terrorists who are taking their marching orders from the current Hamas terrorist leader of the Palestinians – Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas is evil to the core!  But don’t take my word for it…read this article:

The Jewish Express.com: Mahmoud Abbas Bad for J Street

Excerpt and conclusion:

Abbas is a master of maintaining a perpetual crisis and non-recognition of a Palestinian state because it means loss of his dictatorial control, the end to European Union money and neutralizing the BDS movement. Hey J Street, Abbas is bad for your playbook.

Unfortunately, even Fox News doesn’t give the depth of information that Israel Now News shares on a weekly basis.

Be sure to view Episode 204 (10/31/15) and Episode 202 (10/17/15) at

Daystar.com: Israel Now News

You can also view episodes on You Tube

See Episode 202 below (if it plays here at this blog.)

Hat tips to all links.

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