What God has Joined Together, Let Man Not Separate

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The upcoming Supreme Court case on homosexual “marriage” will most likely come down to the usual 5-4 decision.  That leaves the entire case most likely in the hands of Justice Anthony Kennedy – who is the usual “swing” vote on the court.

Recently, I read a comment at another blog that Kennedy has a lesbian sister.  Uh Oh…will his personal relationship with his sister convince him to vote with the liberals?  Possibly.

However, Kennedy did receive an amicus brief from a now grown, adult child of lesbian parents.  In fact, five other adult children of homosexual parents are now willing to stand up and submit amicus briefs on the issue of same-sex marriage, opposing its legalization by the Supreme Court.

You can read about it all at Truth Impact: Modern Myth: All it Takes to Make a Family is LOVE

In the above linked article, Meg writes that growing up with same-sex parents causes the children to be raised in brokenness. “Something precious and irreplaceable has been taken from us. Two loving moms, or two dads, can never replace the lost parent.”

Of course, this is not what the homosexual activists want to hear because it hurts their claims. The “all is well” myth of homosexual parenting has many dissenters.

Excerpt from the article:

 Love matters, but accepting and promoting same-sex parenting promotes the destruction of families, not the building of families.”

The myth that “love makes a family” is driving modern social policy, and it is a critical argument in the case being made to legalize same-sex marriage across the states. As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to announce its decision in June, there are the voices we hope they have not overlooked—the voices of the children raised by same-sex couples. If they have listened well to their voices, this might just be what tips the balance.

As one columnist observed, “Just when it seemed that a Supreme Court victory for gay marriage had no obstacles in sight, the issue of gay parenting has been reopened for serious questioning. The interrogators are no longer preachers, social scientists, or gay rights advocates, but children of gay couples themselves.”

Katy Faust, who was raised by her mother and her lesbian “partner,” has written an open letter directly to Justice Anthony Kennedy on behalf of children raised by homosexual parents, or “COGs” (Children Of Gays) as they are sometimes referred to. Her article in ThePublicDiscourse.com has received national attention. Faust says, “I am one of many children of gay parents who believe we should protect marriage.”

In making the case that redefining marriage would actually strip these children of their most fundamental rights, Faust affirms her love for her mother and her partner, but she argues that the debate over same-sex marriage “at its core, is about one thing. It’s about children.”

She rightly states: “The definition of marriage should have nothing to do with lessening emotional suffering within the homosexual community…. The Supreme Court has no business involving itself in romance or interpersonal relationships.” In the end, Faust notes:

…[T]he government’s interest in marriage is about the children that only male-female relationships can produce. Redefining marriage redefines parenthood. It moves us well beyond our “live and let live” philosophy into the land where our society promotes a family structure where children will always suffer loss. It will be our policy, stamped and sealed by the most powerful of governmental institutions, that these children will have their right to be known and loved by their mother and/or father stripped from them in every instance. In same-sex-headed households, the desires of the adults trump the rights of the child.


Here is a link to a copy of the letter that Katy Faust sent to Justice Kennedy:

The Public Discourse: Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent.


Talk to any child with gay parents, especially those old enough to reflect on their experiences. If you ask a child raised by a lesbian couple if they love their two moms, you’ll probably get a resounding “yes!” Ask about their father, and you are in for either painful silence, a confession of gut-wrenching longing, or the recognition that they have a father that they wish they could see more often. The one thing that you will not hear is indifference.

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What is your experience with children who have divorced parents, or are the offspring of third-party reproduction, or the victims of abandonment? Do they not care about their missing parent? Do those children claim to have never had a sleepless night wondering why their parents left, what they look like, or if they love their child? Of course not. We are made to know, and be known by, both of our parents. When one is absent, that absence leaves a lifelong gaping wound.

The opposition will clamor on about studies where the researchers concluded that children in same-sex households allegedly fared “even better!” than those from intact biological homes. Leave aside the methodological problems with such studies and just think for a moment.

If it is undisputed social science that children suffer greatly when they are abandoned by their biological parents, when their parents divorce, when one parent dies, or when they are donor-conceived, then how can it be possible that they are miraculously turning out “even better!” when raised in same-sex-headed households? Every child raised by “two moms” or “two dads” came to that household via one of those four traumatic methods. Does being raised under the rainbow miraculously wipe away all the negative effects and pain surrounding the loss and daily deprivation of one or both parents?

The more likely explanation is that researchers are feeling the same pressure as the rest of us feel to prove that they love their gay friends.


Within the above letter to Justice Kennedy, Katy Faust asks a very important question:


Have we really arrived at a time when we are considering institutionalizing the stripping of a child’s natural right to a mother and a father in order to validate the emotions of adults?

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Truth Impact

The Public Discourse.

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