Manipulating the Media, the Masses, and the Justice System

Well…no surprise here!  The media manipulation going on under the Ozero social justice   err….punishment-against-police-officers mantra has been quite evident over the years.  Why should the Freddie Gray case be any different?

Please read The Last Refuge: EXPLOSIVE – The Curious Case Of Freddie Gray’s Paddy Wagon Companion – Baltimore Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, Manipulating The Media.


On April 29th the Washington Post ran an explosive article highlighting information from a passenger who was inside the transport vehicle at the same time Freddie Gray was driven toward central booking.  According to the Washington Post source: Freddie Gray was intentionally “trying to injure himself“.

On April 30th local Baltimore media outlet WBAL-TV introduced Donta Allen, a person they claimed was the passenger in the transport vehicle.


Our research indicates the office of Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, used or allowed one of her deputy State Attorneys, Janice Bledsoe (who was in charge of the investigation as assigned by Marilyn Mosby), to willfully and intentionally place a false story using Bledsoe’s lover, WBAL-TV reporter Jayne Miller, and thereby create a fictitious story to imply Donta Allen as the passenger outlined in the Washington Post story.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The full story:  The Washington Post does not specifically name the passenger who heard Freddie Gray attempting to injure himself.  However, they do provide details as to the identity – details we can independently confirm (emphasis mine).

Read it all HERE

Oh…what a tangled web of deceit and lies are being weaved amongst those who claim that they “just want justice and peace;”  but in reality, their ultimate goal is much more sinister.

Recall Ozero’s speech where he stated that he wanted a Civilian National Security Force?  To begin with, the actors in the Baltimore riots want punishment placed upon police officers across this nation so that their grievances will be alleviated.  However, the “powers that be” – the elites – lead the pawns in this direction because they want to reach their imagined and fairy-tailed idea of a communist Utopia!

There are more eye-opening and interesting links (including an obvious quid-pro-quo action done by the Mosbys in the firing of Cristie Cole) in the comment section:

Vivid Blue says:

So I was trying to follow-up on a separate story and I found some interesting information related to Mosby and her office and dug a bit more for other sources since CP may not be reliable.

We know Bledsoe & Miller are partners. Miller gave us the Donta interview, what we may not have known is people have suspected Bledsoe of leaking information to her partner before.,0,1820700.story
FTA: ” Questions about whether Bledsoe has leaked information to WBAL previously may have gotten her fired by State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein, Marilyn Mosby’s predecessor. Her job then? Prosecuting dirty cops.

Bledsoe also seemed to indicate that her firing might be in relation to her investigation of 2 high level police officers that her then boss & Mosby’s predecessor (Bernstein) cleared and had ties with.,0,7096131.story

When Mosby won the election, she dismissed several prosecutors who were about to start cases, one was even in the middle of one.

FTA: “In one case Tuesday, Circuit Judge Emanuel Brown ordered a hearing to determine whether delay caused by a prosecutor’s being pulled from the case violates the robbery defendants’ right to a speedy trial. ”

One of the dismissed prosecutors wrote a blog which really gives some insight to what happened.
An example from the post: ” I am saddened and angry at the actions she is taking against her own team. She is instilling a deep fear that she will fire anyone including people she’s never met, without notice and without reason. And it’s working.

Hopefully I formatted correctly and the links will work.


Wow! Explosive story indeed!

Talk Wisdom Reports…You Decide.

Special Hat tip:

The Last Refuge: EXPLOSIVE – The Curious Case Of Freddie Gray’s Paddy Wagon Companion – Baltimore Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, Manipulating The Media.

Hat tips to all links.


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