Does Washington Understand the Threat Israel Faces?

My friend Steve over at Cry and Howl wrote an excellent essay that speaks volumes of truth regarding the fact that right now, Obama’s Two-State Solution Is Suicide For Israel.


Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election as Prime Minister of Israel. Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama to unseat him, Netanyahu won. We’ve witnessed the immaturity of Obama for better than six years now. When he loses or is embarrassed  he acts like a child or better yet a bully, and goes after those he feels are responsible. Mr. Netanyahu won, and that pissed Barack off, so he’s considering imposing sanctions on Israel. Obama wants to impose sanctions on Israel, while he facilitates Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear bomb and makes excuses when Iran gets caught testing advanced centrifuges.  Obama wants the Palestinians to have their own nation. In order to do that Israel must give up some of it’s territory. Netanyahu realizes the Palestinians are Islamists bent on destroying the nation of Israel. Appeasement will not work. A “two-state” solution is no solution except Israel’s demise. The only “solution” Islamists are aiming for is to wipe Israel off the map. Obama is a master of circumventing the Constitution and the Congress and now he’s trying to circumvent Israel by going to the United Nations to force Israel to commit suicide. Hmmmm … I’m wondering if the “two-state solution” has any relationship with the “final solution?”

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How does that last sentence (in the excerpt above) hit you? To me, it’s a very chilling reminder of past egregious harm, death, and destruction imposed upon the Jewish people in Hitler’s Germany! Recall the famous phrase of “never again!” when WWII ended?  70 years later,  and Israel is STILL in danger from the radical Islamic jihadists that surround her!

What is WRONG with this current administration???  Can’t they see the danger that their reckless policies present to Israel?  I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I see this BADministration’s policies as conscientious stupidity, surrounded by sincere ignorance which is  resulting in demonic politics!

I don’t know about readers here, but  I really doubt that 0bama has Israel’s best interests at heart. In fact, I really don’t see anything but appeasement being given towards Iran and this awful “deal” he’s trying to make with the mullahs who have nothing but contempt and  hatred for Israel!  I see “the he!! with Israel” attitude as front and center in the minds of 0bama and his ilk!

How should ANY Prime Minister of Israel – including Netanyahu’s opponent  Herzog, (if he had won the election) actually deal with the FACT that Hamas (which is controlling the Palestinian territory now) terrorists could EVER broker a true peace deal when their charter still says to “wipe Israel off the map”?  How many months ago was Hamas sending hundreds of rockets into Israel on a daily basis?  Thank God for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system!

There are several other commentators who make these very important points better than I ever could!  Please take the time to view the 7:42 video [link below] from Megyn Kelly’s show this evening where one of the best commentators on TV today – Charles Krauthammer –  spells it all out so clearly that anyone could see the truth of the matter!  Those who listen to MSNBC partisan rhetoric, or even those who may have seen (and possibly agreed with??)  CNN’s Cristiane Amanpour  who recently make the stupid claim of “racism” by Netanyahu during the election cycle;  should ALL be awakened from their progressive stupor and see that ANY Israeli leader today could not possibly negotiate with the terrorists known as Hamas in the Palestinian territory!

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly Show: Does Washington understand the threat Israel faces?

Hat tips:

Cry and Howl

Fox News Channel


Also see: Nice Deb: Bibi Netanyahu: Peace Agreement Must Be Negotiated, Not Imposed (Video)



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3 Responses to “Does Washington Understand the Threat Israel Faces?”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    Steve’s essay over at Cry and Howl is so good I just had to go over there and read it again this morning! My comment there:

    Well, you did a wonderful job condensing all the information out there! Not a skill that I possess – ha!

    Even though Netanyahu knows that 0zero is purposely putting the nation of Israel in danger, Bibi is still enough of a statesman to keep that realization to himself and try to work with the worst pResident in U.S. history!

    The programmed regressive (progressive) mind is so tortured that they really think their ideology is the right way to act in the world. As I wrote in my linked blog post, “I see this BADministration’s policies as conscientious stupidity, surrounded by sincere ignorance which is resulting in demonic politics!” They think that they are above everyone else who doesn’t agree with them! Therefore, they ridicule those with right and God honoring ideology while they put themselves up on undeserved pedestals – continuing to build their own kind of tower of Babel as a monument to themselves and against God. Yet their “sincerity” is utter ignorance which is why those of us who see just whom (satan …or “Lucifer” as their playbook “Rules for Radicals” reveals) they REALLY serve ends up causing them to be on the wrong side of history. Why? Because they are on the wrong side of the battle between good and evil!


  2. philipdean2013 Says:

    We all run the very real risk of paying for this country’s opposing of Israel. VERY real.


    • christinewjc Says:

      You are absolutely correct phillipdean2013!

      However, we still have hope on our side because the reality is that the majority of conservative leaning, Bible-based Americans oppose the atrocious attitudes and actions that the 0baMARXIST BADministration is doing against Israel and her current leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. It is the policies of the programmed regressives (a.k.a. “progressives”) here in the United States that reveal the FACT that they either haven’t learned from history (sincere ignorance of the horrors of Nazism, Communism, Imperialism combined with Radical Islamism) or, the more likely truth is that they are doing this all by design (conscientious stupidity and evil, resulting in demonic politics).

      If one looks at the background of 0zero and his ilk, we see how the seeds of corruption have been planted into them. See this link for information regarding why I feel so strongly that the havoc being wreaked upon America, Israel, and around the world today is as a result of the terribly evil ideologies which have infiltrated our government. I could give you 3 or 4 more links – some of which would deeply scare most people. Unfortunately, many would rather keep their heads in the sand because they don’t want to know the truth.

      Thank you for commenting and sharing a very good reason why we must work hard to restore the relationship that America has enjoyed for 70 years with Israel! God bless!


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