Spiritual Drought

In a previous post, I linked to a blog called “Possessing the Treasure.” The excellent essay over there discusses 3 of the 7 different churches from the book of Revelation, and reveals the apostate church of Laodicea and how it compares to the apostate church(es) in our time. After reading it again today, I thought that it deserved a post all of its own.

The author shared what the book of Revelation stated regarding three different churches. Briefly, the church at Sardis (Revelation 3:1-2 NASB)- is called “the dead church”, Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-12 NASB) – had no condemnation because they were “not compromising with the pressures of apostasy, but are overcoming or conquering in their obedience and faithfulness”, and Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-21 NASB) – “They claim they are the ones doing Christianity the right way, but are blind or deceived into not seeing the truth of their spiritual bankruptcy, which is that they are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.”

He also shared a letter written by his great aunt to his grandfather, sometime in the 1940’s – 50’s.

Within that letter, his great aunt writes about the spiritual drought happening at that time, yet a good preacher who stands with God and upon God’s Word and doesn’t stray into apostasy can “strengthen the faith and bring joy into their hearts knowing that He (Christ) is coming soon.”

Each generation needs to be strengthened in this way because we do not know the day or hour of Christ’s return.

The author at that blog, Mike Ratcliff, writes:

The apostasy that my grandfather and his sister were discussing had to do with a temporal focus within churches. People were simply being religious. There was little evidence of the working of the Holy Spirit in the people’s lives while at the same time there were counterfeits and charlatans running amok with their false, man-focused “gospels” of “health, wealth, and prosperity” confusing many. In the midst of all this, in genuine churches the transforming work of Sanctification (Romans 12:1-2) was not in evidence. Churches may have been stable in growth or even growing, but the focus within was on religiosity rather than the Cross of Christ and preaching the Gospel and the spiritual growth of believers.

There are an alarming number of churches where the pastors refuse to present, study, or even mention what is written in the book of Revelation. A friend of mine is concerned that her adult daughter is in one of them, and thus she is missing a key portion of God’s Word in her life.

Why would a church purposely keep the information from its congregation – especially when that particular book of the Bible that states that “you will be blessed” by reading it…both at the beginning and also at the end of the book? Dr. David Jeremiah states that it’s one of satan’s ploys that (apparently) has captured the minds of some pastors and preachers, so that they deem the book “too hard” to preach about or to even teach to their own congregations. Of course we know that satan wants lost souls to stay that way.  In fact the devil wants to keep all away from the Bible in its entirety.   But why would this book be even more hated by God’s adversary? Probably because we learn of satan’s doom in that book!

The letter written by Mike’s great aunt was truly accurate and prophetic. The apostasy is much worse in our time, but she noticed that it was growing way back in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

I was born in 1954, and have seen the exponential deterioration of so-called “Christian” churches over the course of my own lifetime. Churches that I once attended in the past unfortunately turned away from the truth and went the seeker-sensitive, prosperity route.  They noticeably lost their way and lost many attendees because of it.

The cross-less gospel is popular in a lot of leftist churches that excuse the sin of Sodom (among several other sins like abortion) and ignore the judgment that is to come due to un-repentance.

One church that I used to attend even went so far as to remove the huge name of Jesus (which was formerly displayed across the center front of the sanctuary behind the pastor’s podium), and replaced it with a big screen!


What was very odd and shocking (to me) about this move is that there were existing big screens placed years ago on the wall at either side behind the podium!  I discovered this “change” last year on Good Friday and it bothered me immensely then, as it still does now! Who in their right mind ( minds which were supposedly guided by the Holy Spirit?) would do such a thing!? I cannot, in good conscience, ever go back to that church! The convenience of attending their once per year Good Friday service won’t bring me back. I’d rather drive an hour down to the Rock Church for their evening Good Friday service this year!

We need to remain diligent in this time of heresy and apostasy, and point out what the true church should be like and doing (e.g. the church of Philadelphia in Revelation).   We need to continue to speak out against those “churches” and “preachers” who would turn people away from truth of the Gospel of Christ and God’s Word, the Bible,  towards the evil of error, heresy and apostasy.

Hat tip:  “Possessing the Treasure.”


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