as of tomorrow…

In a previous post, Losing the Internet (Richard Fernandez) the warnings about the oxymoronic “Net Neutrality” changes (all secret 300+ pages of regulations) will negatively affect all of us. Most obviously (at first) may be Christian content on the internet. Tomorrow is the day of the “vote” unless someone steps in to stop this terrible take-over of the internet.

Two points to consider from the original post:

Maybe the reason is because this administration, and those high up in it, are evil?

Maybe the reason is because Christianity is not a religion, but the truth?

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13 Responses to “as of tomorrow…”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    There’s a secret document, and you know it’s 300 pages long, but not what’s on it? If it were a real secret, you wouldn’t even know it exists! You folks will have to do better than that.

    Starting tomorrow, it may be illegal for Christians in the US to share their faith online anymore. This will be the result of the Barak Obama “Net Neutrality” legislation, unless it is stopped.
    “MAY be”? Don’t you know by now?! Or could it be you haven’t actually read the secret document?

    The questions you need to ask yourself, if you’re not a Christian and congratulating yourself right now is this:
    Why is it always the Christians that this administration is always targeting? Why is one religion given a pass by the administration, while Christianity is always had laws passed against us?

    Please produce one law—just one—by this administration (or any one in recent memory) which has specifically targeted Christians. OTOH, they have engineered and attempted to pass laws that specifically target other religions. Many a community has had ordinances against Jews in the past, and many today are seeking to prevent so-called shariya “zones” from being established in this country. The fact that no such areas exist, and would have no legal power if they did, doesn’t seem to matter.

    We cannot speak.
    There are at least four large electronic ministries in this country, complete with television stations, internet and broadcast satellite access. Some of these broadcast 24 hours a day, across the nation and around the planet. Some have founded churches, hospitals, schools, and even universities, all of them oriented to the teachings of their founders. There are many more smaller ministries doing the same thing to a lesser degree. They all have the ear of many local, state, and national officials; they have influenced the drafting of civic laws (Prohibition comes to mind), and some have even been known to consult with presidents.
    The claim that they ‘cannot speak’ is beyond absurd—it is blatantly false.

    We cannot conduct business without being forced to comply with laws that violate our faith.
    Churches are the only ‘business’ in this country that are exempt from taxes. As such, they are required to exempt themselves from certain other activities other businesses do. Christians are instructed to not eat certain foods or wear certain clothes; they are also instructed to observe certain rules and to kill certain people. They are free to do some of these things by civil law, but not others. If you do not wish for a same-sex couple to marry in your church, don’t do it, but you are not permitted to kill them. A church ceremony doesn’t make a marriage valid; a document from City Hall does.

    Were the US to pass laws against Hindus in this way, many of you would be up in arms over the illegal nature and unfairness of it.
    So would many of you, given how Christians have behaved toward other religions—even those that are also supposedly Christian, such as Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, and Latter-Day Saints.

    Maybe the reason is because this administration, and those high up in it, are evil?
    Maybe the reason is because this administration doesn’t sit up and beg, like so many others have? Maybe that’s why so many believers have become flaming a-holes about it? Maybe those disaffected believers should elect someone like…Vladimir Putin? Then they’ll know what evil looks like.

    Maybe the reason is is because Christianity is not a religion, but the truth?
    Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others might wish to argue that statement.

    What will you say when they begin rounding up Christians and arresting them for the crime of being Christian? Will you protest then?
    Most of you will be acquitted. There wouldn’t be enough evidence to convict you for being “Christian”.
    Christians used to, now and then, fight for the rights of others. But they, like nearly everyone else, fight to maintain and/or extend their own privileges.
    Trust me, when they begin to legislate what you can say, next is what you can think.
    No tyranny ever existed that can regulate what you can think. North Korea comes close…but people still manage to escape from there.

    And they won’t stop with us… they’ll be coming for you next.
    Set a good example then, so we’ll know what not to do. Prayer, I think, probably won’t help.

    This age is ending soon. Jesus Christ, the one many of you routinely blaspheme, is coming soon.
    How long is “soon” to an immortal being? 2000 years? 20,000? 200 million? Every age since Jesus’ time has dreamed of being The Last…but the world rolls on.

    And when the Christians disappear, you have only seven years left to make a decision.
    Most Christians tell me I have to decide today. Right now!!
    In any case, I’ve already made mine. I will not live in fear.


  2. Frannie Says:

    This has got to be the most ridiculous, paranoid rant on net neutrality That I’ve read! Period!

    Seriously…”Most obviously (at first) may be Christian content on the internet.”

    Why are you christians so intent on always playing the victim? Nobody is coming to get you!

    This ruling opens the way for communities to build their own Internet access services and frees them from the tyranny of the huge corporations who have no incentive to make things better. It’s a huge win for the citizens of the US, who have lived too long with substandard Internet connection speeds compared to the rest of the world — which means, of course, that the Republican Party is going to freak out about it.

    Here are a few facts :
    For nearly 100 years, there was a telephone monopoly. You literally could not own a phone or attach your own equipment to the phone lines. You had to rent your phone monthly.

    It was only due to government regulation that the innovations led to cell phones etc. – and in fact the internet as we know it!

    First with the Carterphone decision in the 60s which allowed non-AT&T equipment to be hooked to the lines, to the Sprint decision later that decade which allowed competing long-distance, and finally to the government mandate breakup of AT&T in the early 1980s.

    Before this, you could not attach anything to the phone lines that AT&T didn’t rent to you. For example – the modem. The thing that made the internet as a widespread phenomenon take off. And of course, competing carriers such as cell phone carriers.

    Without government intervention and regulation, we would still have one phone company with high prices, no internet, and we’d be renting wired phones with rotary and touch-tone dials.

    And don’t forget that the phone system was also completely nationalized for a few years to keep Bell Telephone and GTE from building competing phone grids across the landscape. This is why all phone companies share the same grid today. That is also how cell phones were able to tie into that grid and reach land lines.

    Lets also not forget those more recent cell phone days when the companies wouldn’t let us take our phone numbers with us if we left them. Anyone remember that? It took government intervention to fix that too.

    Bell Telephone and GTE are now AT&T and Verizon. For the most part they are the EXACT SAME COMPANIES who’s self interest eventually screwed up the phone system. Yet the entire right wing seems to have total amnesia and think that these companies, with their very clear historical track records, will be perfectly fine regulating themselves while controlling the internet.

    So please stop with your absurd assumptions that “it may be illegal for Christians in the US to share their faith online anymore” and educate yourself!


  3. christinewjc Says:


    There are many who disagree with your polly-anna view that Net Neutrality (an oxymoronic term) will be good for the internet and I will list a few below.

    Government takeover of any entity (especially when it’s leftist) is never a good thing. Obamacare is one disaster, and the IRS targeting of conservatives and Tea Party groups is another. Recall Obama’s big lie, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” He is on record for a boatload of other lies, too. Why would anyone trust this deceiver or anyone in his BADmiinstration on this topic or any other? It is beyond comprehension.

    I could list many more, but here’s the reality of those who have educated themselves about this bad idea:

    Forbes: Net Neutrality Is A Bad Idea Supported By Poor Analogies That article was written way back in 2014.

    Also read this Time (no where near a bastion of conservative thought) article:

    Why Net Neutrality Isn’t Worth Celebrating Their complaint is that “Net neutrality doesn’t fix the most pressing problem with our internet service.”

    Redstate: Tech at Night Just how bad is Net Neutrality?

    Fox Business: Why Obama is Wrong on Net Neutrality

    Copy of Fox business article: (bold mine)

    Is it any wonder that our attention-deficit sound bite-driven culture misconstrues terms like “net neutrality?” I mean, how can such an innocuous phrase that sounds so fair, so middling, so, so, … so downright neutral, be bad?

    Let me explain what everyone, and I mean everyone, gets wrong in the net neutrality debate. There is no net neutrality. If there were net neutrality, you wouldn’t be able to download Netflix (NFLX) movies or watch YouTube videos. Google searches and Facebook (FB) pages would take forever to see.

    Internet traffic has been dominated by a handful of content providers for more than a decade. If those companies didn’t negotiate “fast lanes” – another misconstrued sound bite although this one sounds bad when it really isn’t – with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), it would cripple the Internet as we know and use it today.

    So why the debate? That’s what happens anytime the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – or any government agency for that matter – decides to get involved in the private sector and float some regulations. The corporate giants do their lobbying, the activists do their agitating, and they all use catchy sound bites to spin their position as the virtuous one.

    Then President Obama, who I’m sure is feeling a little neglected in all the midterm election mania, just had to throw his decidedly lighter weight around and offer his version of a plan to further complicate matters. And don’t you love it when he calls for “increased transparency?” Oh the irony.

    Meanwhile Senator Ted Cruz tweets, “’Net Neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.” You’ve got to admit; now that’s a great sound bite. And for the most part, he’s right.

    Perhaps I can offer a simple explanation that clarifies what’s really going on here. The Internet does not operate the way everyone thinks it does. Netflix, for example, now accounts for as much as a third of peak Internet traffic in North America. In the past, that created some bottlenecks for Verizon, Comcast and other service providers.

    Netflix ultimately and reluctantly agreed to share the cost of network equipment upgrades. This is nothing new. Google, Facebook and other big content providers have long paid for so-called fast lanes to improve broadband service to end-customers. Besides, there have always been tiers of service for Internet bandwidth.

    All that is as it should be. So you see, there really is no net neutrality issue or dilemma. The free market has, at least to date, worked it out. And that paradigm should continue as long as there’s continued competition between ISPs. That way, if your service isn’t up to snuff, you can switch.

    And therein lies the only real issue. Today, cable, telecom and satellite companies compete for Internet customers. You may not have all those options where you live, but if it’s profitable for those companies to bring you broadband Internet service, they’ll do it. And that’s also as it should be.

    Today, the Internet is essentially unregulated and unfettered by the federal government. But President Obama is calling for the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a utility and heavily regulate ISPs as if they’re monopolies, which they’re not. He’s using the debate to give the FCC enormous power over Internet pricing, products and service.

    Net neutrality is not an issue. Federal regulation of the Internet is. That is the only threat consumers need to worry about.

    Steve Tobak is a management consultant, former senior executive, columnist and author of the upcoming book, “Real Leaders Don’t Follow.” Tobak runs Silicon Valley-based Invisor Consulting where he advises executives and business leaders on strategic matters.

    Also see:
    Net Neutrality Is Bad Broadband Regulation – PDF

    End of PDF article excerpt is below. Notice the bold portion (mine)which is where the concern for discrimination against independent content providers (e.g. Christians blogs) under government control is worrisome.

    Although the importation of the current dispute-resolution process from the cable programming space to the Internet space might require new legislation, that is not a bad thing; the regulatory agenda should flow from Congress to the Commission.
    These two policies—assurance that ISPs’ investments will not be appropriated and that independent content providers will not be anti-competitively discriminated against—would create an ideal investment climate for ISPs and for content providers. Such an outcome is critical because it can help boost the economy in general by opening the door to telecommunications investment and job creation.


  4. Frannie Says:

    Fox? Forbes? Redstate?…no wonder you’re living in a bubble of ignorance. When I said educate yourself, I didn’t mean read all of the right wing propaganda you could get your hands on!!


  5. christinewjc Says:

    Obviously, you chose not to read the information provided so that we could have had an honest debate. Instead, you decided to just attack the messenger.

    Not smart. Not an educated choice to make.


  6. christinewjc Says:

    Matt Walsh on The Blaze: Dear Foolish and Gullible Americans, Net Neutrality is Not Your Friend


  7. Cry and Howl Says:

    Wow Christine! I see the weasels are crawling out of the wood-work! Frannie has a perception problem, but that’s allowable given she didn’t read your response to her nonsense. Now Mr. Pilot, I understand his drivel. He seems to be the master at “gotcha” phrases. And a fools voice in known through the multitude of words.
    And don’t you just love the lame-a$$ed history lessons provided by those who can’t find themselves in a mirror!
    Typical liberal drivel my dear. Team Obama know that all they have to do is put a fancy name on some bill and voila … it’s for the good of the people.
    Maybe one of these learned sages could explain what was broken with the internet here in America … I’ll thank Obama in advance for “fixing” it for us.
    I hate to be rude, but Frannie has a little head-insertion problem …
    Hoping you and your family have a great weekend!
    Frannie and Mr. Pilot … try doing something productive … like chasing a car.


  8. christinewjc Says:

    Steve! You always have a great way of showing up here to comment and in so doing, brighten up my day! Adding in some laughter is a plus, too!

    Hope the NOT Neutrality Net disaster decision is countered by a lawsuit and overturned.. Maybe the gnat-brained Obama-Borg-Bots will one day learn that they swallowed a camel of ignorance in this matter. Won’t hold my breath…though.

    One of our doggies is sick so I will be nursing her back to health this weekend.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    • Cry and Howl Says:

      My little Shih-Tzu has been sick all week. At least since he came back from the groomer. Really chaps me. He’s trembling with every breath. The weather has been so bad here in Ft. Worth though I’m having difficulty finding a vet to see him. When I can get out with his the vets aren’t in. I took him twice in one day a few days ago and couldn’t get the vet to see him. Ridiculous.


      • christinewjc Says:

        Oh Steve…I’m so sorry to hear about your doggie. 😦 I wonder if he picked up something from the grooming place?

        Our pets are members of the family and I know what you must be going through since I have had similar concerns about one of my two dogs.

        My puggle has been sick for 4 days. Spent $600 on tests, exams, meds (thinking she had pancreatitis – so did two tests for that and then had ex-ray done to see if she ingested something) and all they found was that she had a severely inflamed stomach. Couldn’t get her to eat for several days and that scared me. They gave her fluids under the skin and injections of meds because she wouldn’t swallow anything.

        The good news is that she is doing better today – drinking water and ate some food!

        Hope your sweet Shih-Tzu is better soon!


      • Cry and Howl Says:

        The weather will be half-way decent today. After work I’m taking the little guy into Cleburne to see his regular vet. He’s been eating and drinking a lot of water. I’m dreading the expense as I just dropped $600 on him as well a few months ago. Anyway, thank you for your kind words. We’ll see what happens.


  9. philipdean2013 Says:

    well, as usual, looks like I’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest! Christians always think someone’s coming to get us… maybe that’s because history is full of exactly that!
    They take away your right to defend yourself, speak ,and think. Soon other freedoms are gone. After that, usually they conduct raids and mass arrests.
    then they start executing.
    Anyone who thinks Christians aren’t facing persecution in America hasn’t been paying attention. Read anything about Christian bakers being sued? Florists? What about a Ministry that sold tracts being raided by federal agents, and the tracts seized?
    If you think we’re just paranoid, maybe Frannie is the one who needs to educate herself.
    I’m not being paranoid, not calling names. But a great grandfather of mine warned all my other relatives in Prussia to pack up and leave. They thought he was paranoid.
    By 1944, all my European relatives were all gone, victims of the “final solution.”
    What will it take you to see that history is being repeated in America as it was in Germany in the 1930’s? Except it’s not going to be just the Jews… they’re coming for Christians too.


    • christinewjc Says:


      Thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog and for commenting.

      I’m terribly sorry to hear about your European relatives – so awful!!! It seems that people like you – who KNOW first hand the dangers and evil of the “isms” of the past – are the ones who highly recognize the danger of the “isms” of today. Some of them change names, others don’t. But those who either ignore the moral outrages of history (or, are just ignorant about them) are woefully accepting to repeat such horrors.

      My grandparents escaped from Poland before the invasion there by Russia. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be here!

      I’m glad to have a fellow patriot standing for freedom and liberty here in America – while those who think that everything is hunky-dory go on and stupidly follow the tyrannical elitists who are using them.

      God bless and keep on blogging the truth!

      ~ Christine

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