Losing The Internet (Richard Fernandez)

This “Net Neutrality” power grab is a disaster waiting to happen.  There is nothing “neutral” about another government takeover of a “utility” – if you will – and nothing worse than it being under the control of a Marxist/Muslim like Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk!

This morning, I finally got around to glancing through my Sunday newspaper.  Of course, there was a full-page article citing all the “wonderful” things that this Net Neutrality power grab would do for us…blah blah blah!!  For example, the usual drivel given by the Obama-bot Borg of programmed-regressives (a.k.a. “progressives”);  like the holy grail of “equality” that every group with a gripe uses in order to push their will upon other people, was front and center in the biased article.  The piece was so one-sided that I knew I needed to find one more “neutral“… I mean, that states the obvious tripe being used to push another government-controlled entity onto We The People in order to take more liberty, freedom, and justice away from us.

Via my blogging friend Paul over at A Conservative Christian Man, I found the article that I was looking for.

The Daily Gator has a post up (along with several more links on the topic at the site) that explains what a terrible and losing proposition this power grab will be for the American people.


The administration’s plan to create a “free and open Internet” means, as usual, the opposite of what it says. As Gordon Crovitz explains in the Wall Street Journal, it is really a monumental, bare-faced power grab.

The permission-less Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.

No one, including the bullied FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, thought the agency would go this far. The big politicization came when President Obama in November demanded that the supposedly independent FCC apply the agency’s most extreme regulation to the Internet. A recent page-one Wall Street Journal story headlined “Net Neutrality: How White House Thwarted FCC Chief” documented “an unusual, secretive effort inside the White House… acting as a parallel version of the FCC itself.”…

The more than 300 pages of new regulations are secret, but Mr. Wheeler says they will subject the Internet to the key provisions of Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, under which the FCC oversaw Ma Bell.

The specifics of the grab don’t matter as much as the direction in which things must inevitably move. Regulation is an absorbing state like the Hotel California. You can try to check out any time you like, but once inside you can never really leave. Three hundred pages of regulation will become 301… 302… A new administration might slow down the rate of growth, but it can never reverse it.

Let’s read that last line again. Did you catch the meaning of it?

“A new administration might slow down the rate of growth, but it can never reverse it.”

Thus, the “Hotel California” reference. For younger readers who may not “get” that comparison, see this music video.

Second excerpt:

The actual effect of government control is to institutionalize incompetence. The more Obama controls, the more he destroys. Take Obamacare. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t read that 80 million records have been stolen by Chinese hackers from Obamacare provider Anthem; or that Obamacare itself is sharing information with third-party providers. Only the other day the public learned that 800,000 wrong tax forms were mailed to Obamacare policy holders because they used the wrong year in the computation; that after 3 years the backend isn’t finished.

And in other news let’s not forget that Snowden stole the crown jewels from the NSA. In fact, Glenn Greenwald was on hand to collect the Oscar given by Hollywood to the documentary depicting the theft.

The administration’s proposal has been called Obamacare for the Internet. What Obama’s Internet grab will do is activate the Law of Unintended consequences. The princes may be attracted to the glittering city in the sands but they don’t know a thing about running it. Never having governed before, they haven’t learned that the wires can strangle them also. Once they lose information – and cover it up in the habitual way – the loss can have deadly consequences. To see how this can happen, let’s take a trip back in time to 1920 and the review destruction of the Cairo Gang.

You can read the synopsis of “the Cairo Gang” at The Daily Gator site, but to put it in even clearer terms, the scary analogy given by the author (excerpt below) will put shivers down your spine!


Many of the administration’s supporters don’t understand that they are making themselves, not just others, vulnerable. Once you put the wires in the hands of Barack Obama, what could go wrong? Ambassador Stevens must have trusted the administration. Where is Stevens now?

In some ways, leaving the Internet alone has the same advantages as leaving all the P-40s at Pearl Harbor in their original revetments. Readers will recall that as a security measure against sabotage, military authorities ordered all the P-40s in Hawaii taken out of their shelters and parked in the center of the runways in order to better guard them. That was how the Japanese found them on December 7, 1941.

Will the administration give you a “freer and more open Internet” than you have now? Or more to the point, will giving it over to the feds enhance security? We are in all probability doomed by this move. The difference is we know it. The administration has not yet figured out that in incompetent hands even the finest weapon can be turned around to face its hapless wielder.

Once again, this BADministration gives us another sh*tball example of sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity!


Hat tips:

A Conservative Christian Man,

The Daily Gator

All included links.

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