How Muslim Enclaves are Spreading Across the US


Ht for graphic: Patriot Depot

If you don’t think that this is highly disturbing, then you are not paying attention!!!

Fox News Channel had a segment on the “no-go zones” that are being created right here in the United States of America!

Please watch the following video:

How Muslim Enclaves are Spreading Across the U.S.

Also see the many articles over at The Christian Action Network

America is suffering from the rise of Islamism, but we have also been suffering from the double threat of Islam and Communism! Don’t let the so-called phony and deceptive words like “liberalism, socialism, and progressivism” fool you. All of those aberrant ideologies lead to dictatorships: including communism and totalitarianism. [Millennials and younger – please read an accurate book on World War II]!

If this doesn’t concern you, then you NEED TO WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Many TV show anchors over at Fox News Channel are asking why this Zero BADministration cannot say that we are at war with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM!  Why is that?  Oh – we hear all of the silly reasons why leftists don’t want to “label” all terrorism as “Islamic,” but take a good look at my friend Steve’s blog post which includes a List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days!!

I have written several comments in the thread over there, but would like to highlight the following exchange:

[Written to blog owner Steve]:

I hope that you were encouraged by the Bible verses that I shared. You have a VERY difficult job addressing people like that liberal blogger who spewed so much venom against you and against all Christians and Conservatives; while they blatantly, and obviously choose to ignore the evil and danger of Islam.

Recall this photo that I had on my blog in the past?

The Bible reveals why groups like communists (a.k.a. liberals, programmed-regressives) and Islamists can fight on same side, and then destroy each other!
They are in line with the lies of Satan and his goal here on earth – to steal, destroy, and kill the people of God in order to create some imagined “utopia” that could never exist.

Jesus Himself informs us:

Jhn 10:10

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy

Steve wrote:

Cry and Howl

January 12, 2015 2:29 pm

Christine, you really are too kind. I’m just a regular guy with a multitude of faults. I just cannot stand people who fight to murder unborn children and then fight equally as hard to spare the lives of some of the sickest people guilty of the worse crimes imaginable. Siding with Islamists who will hang or burn alive gay folks … but then attack Christians simply because they disagree with the gay life-style.
They are willfully ignorant and arrogant about it.

My reply:


January 13, 2015 10:40 am

Steve, the Lord searches our hearts and looks for those who are willing to fight against evil and fight for the Kingdom of Christ. None of us are perfect – only Jesus is. However, we are called into ministry based upon the spiritual gifts that are given to us. You obviously have a strong heart in fighting for unborn lives and for upholding the sanctity of one man and one woman marriage – that was originally created, sanctioned, and blessed by God.

You are absolutely correct when you wrote

“They are willfully ignorant and arrogant about it.”

When you wrote:

“Siding with Islamists who will hang or burn alive gay folks … but then attack Christians simply because they disagree with the gay life-style.”

You revealed the utter hypocrisy of the programmed-regressives who claim that they represent “progress” (when in reality they are stuck in the old “isms” of the past like communism, Nazism, and totalitarianism) and are proud of their so-called “liberalism” – which is actually the polar opposite of LIBERTY.

That photo I shared in this comment thread was taken at a “world can’t wait” socialist/Islamic anti-Israel rally back in 2004. That sign stating “Thank you S.F. liberals – you die last” being held by an obviously radical (or wannabe) Islamist, walking alongside a red-shirt commie (notice murderer Che Guevara’s likeness on the shirt) marching in one of the homosexual capitals of the world – San Fransicko – represented the dire, onerous, and deadly prediction of what we would be facing in the future (today!) regarding the (as you wrote) “willful ignorance and arrogance” of the far-leftist fanatics who are, unfortunately, now in so many areas of power within our nation. SICKENING!!!

Years ago, I warned people via my former blog (at Bl00ger) that the homosexual political agenda was going to end up attempting to destroy Christian free speech and the right to raise our children as the Bible informs. Today, sexual depravity – in all of it’s forms – are being taught in schools and the legal actions against Christian believers are destroying our rights in parenting, schooling our kids, free speech (even in churches!), freedom of association in businesses run by Christians, the right to believe in traditional man/woman marriage, and the list goes on and on. I never thought that it would go as far as it has – that believing in traditional marriage would be labeled as “hateful.”

Back in Feb. 2014, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. He was discussing this topic. A caller claimed that we should “follow the money” on this issue. Rush, at first, seemed to balk at the idea. Rush’s thinking was similar to ours – the homosexual agenda’s desire is to crush Christian beliefs in the public domain and replace it with humanistic idolatry and perversion. Of course that is true, but the caller takes it even further. It became very clear that gaining money to promote their cause(s) certainly is a motive for these lawsuits! It’s not just all about fighting against “discrimination”. That is the excuse they use in order to thwart religious liberty, while at the same time gain money by winning cases in court. And, what do they do with that money? Continue to spread their propaganda (much of which is equal to communist propagandist goals) to the unsuspecting. This is all under the guise of preventing “discrimination.” Such individuals believe that they are being “kind,” “supporting,” “high minded,” “noble” and magnanimous towards the homosexual community; when all the while such individuals taken into the “collective” don’t know that they have been trapped in satan’s snare and are dragging these unrepentant sinners as well as themselves down into a gutter of eternal doom.

It’s all just one of satan’s biggest lies – after all, Lucifer turned satan had the goal all along to subvert God’s authority and his motive was power in order to get people to “bow down before” him. How sad it is that so many believe this craven and dastardly disguised pro-homosexual agenda lie. They have a veil over their eyes, propaganda instilled into their minds, and an evil trick destroying their hearts, minds, spirits and souls. This particular strategy of darkness is so strong it’s to the point that they can’t even see the deception! Ultimately, if they don’t awake from their stupor, they will lose their chance at redemption.

So we can see why the Saul Alinsky communist agenda is so loved by the programmed-regressives – a.k.a. leftist liberal lunatics – which so easily mixes and combines with the radical Islamic terrorist agenda! These evil ideologies both have the same goals – destruction of our U.S. Constitution and Republic here in America, power with allegiance to Lucifer (became satan) as their ugly, evil and destructive “champion,” and the beyond greedy love of MONEY. This current BADministration Encourages Radical Islamic Terrorists! What’s more, there is There’s No Such Thing as a “Self-Radicalized” Islamic Terrorist!

Why do we not have a strategy to fight radical Islamic terrorism?
Excerpt from above link:

Despite what the liberal media idiots say, this IS about the religion of Islam. The attacks we saw in Paris are a direct threat against the western world, and they were perpetrated by those who have an extremist Muslim political agenda.

Obama’s ‘Strategy’ Against Radical Islam Nonexistent

Although the liberals don’t want to admit this either, we have no strategy to fight against radical Islam. This was even said by General Jack Keane during his interview on Fox News Friday morning: “they have not defined the enemy in terms of radical Islam.” And we all know it is almost impossible to fight an enemy that you have simply not defined.

Each of these terrible ideologies – both the socialist/commie leftist plague being instilled in our nation as well as the radical Islamic terrorism appeasement being pushed upon us by this BADministration, are all at war against the God of the Bible, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God;  who can transform sinners into redeemed believers in Christ for salvation!

We were so blessed by God at the founding of our nation; precisely because God was worshipped and His Word was shared as THE beacon of truth, liberty, and justice for all!  The pressure to send America into the grip of evil over the decades (through the “isms” listed)  has gotten far worse over the past 30 years or so.  The days of Reagan in the White House were seen by most Americans as such a wonderful era!

I continue to pray for our nation – that it will survive past this awful excuse for a pResident (and his cronies and puppeteers), so that we can begin re-building our beloved United States of America towards what our Founding Fathers created for us – namely – our Constitutional Republic!

Hat tips to all links.

Also see:

Kings Jester: Radical Islam in America…A Growing Problem


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