One Thing Remains

[Note: Sorry folks – video doesn’t play here to click on link to view at Youtube.]

Seeing that little girl pick up the block that says “LIFE” on it touches my heart and cements the belief that all should choose life for their unborn children.

Choose LIFE – your mother did!

7 Responses to “One Thing Remains”

  1. gmpilot Says:

    Two days ago (20 Oct) you stopped here long enough to drop not one but two posts, but you didn’t publish my post from the previous thread. Possibly you’re busy with other things; so am I. Possibly it’s easier to publish your own post rather than someone else’s; I’m not a webmaster.
    It can’t be because my questions got too tough, can it?


  2. christinewjc Says:

    GM, all of your comments have been posted. To which are you referring?

    BTW, just so that you know, when there are links within a post, the post is held for admin approval. Otherwise, you comment are automatically posted.

    Let me know what questions and/or comments you had posted and I will go back to answer them.

    I didn’t see anything in the “Agents” thread that required an answer by me. You had your own negative opinion about me utilizing commentators in explanation of the “I come quickly” verse, and you criticized Dr. Jeremiah’s example. The commentary and example speak for themselves.


    • gmpilot Says:

      I didn’t clarify, sorry. I was referring to the “Comfort” thread. That one was written three days ago by me and supposedly posted. It, by the way, has a link embedded, but I see that this time it went through without an admin hold. Probably my error; I’m no webmaster, after all.

      You’ve moved on to the Next Big Thing, so I’ll understand if you let that thread die. I’ll even retract my claws, at least for now.


  3. christinewjc Says:

    Maybe comments with more than one link are withheld for admin approval. I think that this is to avoid spam comments being posted as well as too many links going through without admin approval.

    I replied over there.

    So… you have claws? Reminds me of this.


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