Top Ten Quran Verses For Understanding ISIS

Does anyone else think that the State Department’s latest counter-offensive propaganda tool that they claim would be useful in fighting against ISIS is REALLY STRANGE???  The following graphic was found on the Fox News website with the claim that:

STATE DEPARTMENT IS LAUNCHING a tough and graphic propaganda counteroffensive against ISIS, using some of the group’s own images of barbaric acts against fellow Muslims to undercut the terror group’s message.


Click here for Link to the story. [Note:  Warning!  Apparently there are more gruesome photos available for viewing when you click on an additional link within that article.  I did not want to view them and you may not want to either.]

Excerpt from the article:

The “ad” ends with the line: “Travel is inexpensive, because you won’t need a return ticket!”

Not everyone thinks the “ad” is an effective tool.

“I just thought it was bizarre,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Fox News, dismissing the video as a symptom of “press release foreign policy” that is “fundamentally unserious.”


Senator Cruz makes sense here. However,  a “State Dept. spokesperson” obviously doesn’t get it.



But a State Department spokesperson said the work is vital “given how violent extremists are increasingly exploiting the suffering caused by global conflicts to lure susceptible youth” to join.



The work is vital???


To me, it’s like adding an additional bull-horn via broadcasting radical Islam’s goal!!!  To recruit the young, disenfranchised, poor, jobless, leftist misled, America-hating (add your own adjectives here for there are many) boys and men towards the goals of radical Islam’s newest group called ISIS is not only “bizarre” as Senator Cruz states, but it is downright despicable and evil!!!

Next, we read the Message ISIS wants to send to America and the world.

Read it all at the link, but I want to focus on this important excerpt:

Unfortunately, in the Middle East, the ruthless employment of violence often is taken as a sign of strength that should be emulated. As Usama bin Laden proclaimed, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

The Islamic State, an offshoot of bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, shares his revolutionary Islamist ideology. It sees itself as the vanguard in a never-ending struggle between Islam and non-believers.

Today, the Islamic State is primarily focused on carving a revolutionary Islamic stronghold out of the failed states of Iraq and Syria. But ultimately it seeks to overthrow every government in the region, drive Western influence out of the Middle East, destroy Israel and become the nucleus of a global Islamic empire.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, its ambitious leader, represents a new generation of Al Qaeda leadership that has bristled at criticism of its extreme brutality from old guard leaders such as Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s successor.

Baghdadi recently proclaimed the establishment of a caliphate and renamed himself Caliph Ibrahim.This signals his determination to become recognized not only as the true successor of Usama bin Laden, but more importantly as the successor to the prophet Muhammad.

This claim has been ridiculed by Islamic scholars and rejected by many rival Islamist extremist groups.But it adds a dangerous new dimension to the appeal of the Islamic State that is being amplified by a sophisticated propaganda apparatus that spews high quality media content on a variety of social media that appeal to young Muslims.

Get ready to see more chilling videos from fanatical terrorists seeking to cloak their atrocities with religious justifications.

First, I must mention that I always find it amusing that Saudi-backed Fox News always changes Osama bin Laden’s name  to Usama bin Laden. I think that this is just a stupid attempt to not have a former (and now dead) terrorist’s name even remotely related to a  spelling so close to Obama’s.

Second, see the author’s attempt to make ISIS out to be just “fanatical terrorists seeking to cloak their atrocities with religious justifications.”

That may be so, AND TO SOME EXTENT IT IS WORKING.  So why would the State Department add more fuel to the fire with that graphic and the atrocities that appear in the link within the story???

I think that a TRUE counter-offensive would be and effort to EDUCATE THE MASSES here in America and across to world with the REAL REASONS  EXACTLY WHY ISIS is doing what they think is required by their evil “god” allah.

Here’s a perfect example OF A TRUE COUNTER-OFFENSIVE EFFORT.  Note what is learned via the video at David Wood’s blog – Answering Muslims – in a post entitled, Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS.


Jihadists fighting for ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) claim that they are following the commands of Allah and Muhammad. Yet Westernized Muslims, politicians, and the media insist that ISIS is violating the principles of Islam. Who’s right? In the following video, I present the top ten Qur’an verses you need to know to understand ISIS.

Within the video we see one of the top ten reasons from the Quran for why ISIS is doing what they feel called to do from that book appears  in

Surah 9:29 – “Fight those who believe not in allah or the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by allah and his messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the jizyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.”

At my former Talk Wisdom blog there is a post where I discuss the fact that Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God:

Why Muslims and Christians Do Not Worship The Same God.

I found it quite interesting that Surah 9:29 actually ACKNOWLEDGES this fact. “The People of the Book” are Jews and Christians and the Scriptures we follow in the Bible. Muslims think that THEIR “religion” is the religion of truth; but since their teachings are all completely opposite what is written in the Bible, as well as opposite what Jesus spoke of and taught;  the fact is that Muslims are guilty of abandoning the Truth of Yahweh (God), His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Instead they have done nothing but create a false “religion” from a pagan moon-god.

Oh…but it’s not “politically correct” to point such things out!  Of course, there are Muslims who claim to be “moderate” and maybe they really are.  However, not many have the courage to speak out against the dozens of terrorist groups wreaking havoc in the Middle East and around the world.  It has to be one of two reasons:  the moderates fear for their lives (can’t blame them there) or, they agree with the teachings and are just allowing the terrorists to do the dirty work.  Unfortunately, that is to the detriment of many nations around the world and causes extreme harm against all of our lives in this ongoing war against radical Islamic terrorists.  Our enemy IS Radical Islam!  It is EVIL to the core!  And, radical Islam’s fanatical teachings are being taught to young impressionable minds.  The fact remains – such teachings all come from the Quran!

There…I said it.

Hat tips:

Fox News

Answering Muslims

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6 Responses to “Top Ten Quran Verses For Understanding ISIS”

  1. Cry and Howl Says:

    Hey Christine! Good post … actually, excellent!
    I grow weary seeing the terms “radical” and “moderate” Muslims. Moderate Muslims are considered apostate by the true believers and strict followers and practitioners of Islam. They are targeted just like infidels, Christians and Jews.
    Good point about the spelling of Osama Bin Laden. Personally I don’t see much difference between Osama and Obama, save for Osama being dead.


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Hi Steve!
    Thanks for coming over here and sharing a comment. Over at the TEA Party Community, several people have been commenting on this post and one shared a website that agree with what you wrote about “radical” vs. “moderate” Muslims. Here is the link if you would like to check it out:

    Speaking of targeting apostate Muslims, that’s what Hamas did during the barrage of rockets being fired into Israel. They forced women and children to be in buildings where weapons were, and when Israel targeted the weapons to end the rockets being fired into their land. Unfortunately, many Palestinians were killed BECAUSE Hamas put people in harms way! So…illogically…the twisted-minded leftists side with Hamas terrorists and blame Israel for the collateral damage!


  3. GMpilot Says:

    I notice how you always say ‘radical’ Islam. Does this mean you acknowledge that there might be some other kind? After all, you’ve always claimed Islam to be a false religion, too (see above).
    Oh, right, I forgot: you’re one of those “the only true religion is MY religion!” people. Too bad the true believers on both sides won’t slug it out with each other–they have to include the rest of us, too.

    There will be no Islamic caliphate until those lands are all conquered, and until it’s decided who will run it. Shias want one thing, Sunnis want another, and no one ever agrees.
    Al-Baghdadi can call himself whatever he wants, but that won’t make it true, any more than what Joseph Smith said about himself. Nor is it likely that Muslims in Afghanistan or Turkey or Indonesia will much care about what one man in Syria says. Nationalism plays as big a part in this as religion does, and radical Islam has shown as much respect for local culture and history as Christianity used to (i.e. none).
    Why are you concerned, anyway? Don’t you want to witness the End Times for yourself?


    • christinewjc Says:

      It is difficult to find any “moderate Muslims” who are willing to speak out against any of the many segments of Islamism – radical or otherwise. Most keep quiet – probably because they either fear the radical Muslims and/or because they secretly agree with them.

      Jesus was the one who said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me.” He didn’t say “my religion.” He said that He is The Way – which was the original title of all who believed in Him. You see, (or, maybe you don’t see it) Jesus is a Person and He is the Way – therefore, it is a relationship with individual believers; no matter which “religion” they may have followed before.

      Yes. The ongoing, ancient-to-this-day Shia vs. Sunni battle continues. It will take a Hitler-like Muslim leader to kill all who stand in his (idea of a caliphate) way.

      From what you have written, it appears that perhaps you do not agree with arming the “rebels” in Syria? You know what they say…one person’s “freedom fighter” is another’s terrorist. I don’t think it’s easy to recognize which brand of Muslim adherents would “side” with the U.S. and/or Britain. But who thinks for a minute that they won’t turn on either nation in a heartbeat? Remember the doctrine of taqiya? They lie to each other, so why should we trust ANY OF them?

      About the End Times. Christians will be raptured before the anti-Christ is revealed and the 7 years of Tribulation occur. Jesus promised to come for His own – upon the clouds where we will meet the Lord in the air. It is the next event on the prophetic calendar. Nothing else needs to happen, although some scholars say that the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt before the Rapture. Others think that when the anti-Christ rules, he will help rebuild the Temple in order to get the trust of the Jews by ushering in a time of peace in the Jewish nation. However, after 3 1/2 years, that peace “treaty” will be broken and all hell will break loose on the earth.

      I agree with what John wrote at the end of Revelation.

      Rev 22:20

      He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


  4. Cry and Howl Says:

    I don’t think it’s Christine who claims there’s some other kind of Islam other than ‘radical’. But the major media and liberals in general do. Also I don’t think Christine is worried about an Islamic caliphate taking control of the world, but it would be foolish to think the “radical Islamists” don’t want that. It would also be foolish to think ISIS or whatever one wants to call them haven’t exploited the influx of tens of thousands of illegals entering the border unabated. To think they haven’t “arrived” is catering to denial.
    Oh, and all will be included in whatever happens regardless.
    Does anyone think for a second he/she will be spared because they voiced objection to Christianity or God?

    Liked by 1 person

    • christinewjc Says:

      Good points Steve!

      Did you hear that Mohammed Elibiary was sent packing out of the DHS? He was supposed to be a “moderate” Muslim, but I guess he slipped up when he allegedly stated that, “a Muslim Caliphate is inevitable.” Of course the Zero BADministration made up some excuse to release him from his DHS position. Just goes to show how correct we “right-wing” conservatives have been when we disagreed with allowing the Muslim Brotherhood access to the White House.

      Not only do we have an open border for Islamic jihadists to easily enter our country, we also have homegrown terrorists breeding here. I’ve been away from blogging for a while lately, but maybe you already did a post on the 3 gay men murdered; and then a teen boy murdered by a terrorist on U.S. soil – who stated that he was “justified” in killing the teen boy because the U.S. is bombing in Iraq.


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