Trey Gowdy vs. IRS Commissioner

This video exchange between Congressman Trey Gowdy and Mr. Koskinen of the IRS cover-up is SO AWESOME that I just had to reblog it here!

[Wasn’t able to embed here, so go to Cry and Howl to view video.  Will also repost in new blog post.]

My comment at Steve’s Cry and Howl blog:

THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Congressman Trey Gowdy is a Constitutional, Liberty, and Freedom hero in my book! He has the courage, wherewithal, FACTS, and ability to hammer these commie fascists in the Zero Badministration with the TRUTH.

Thanks for posting this “smidgen” of the hearing, Steve! Saves me from having to sit there and hear all the lame-a$$ Dems – who have obviously grown up with a diminished capacity to seek, hear, or comprehend the truth – twisting in the wind with their lies and claims that there was no wrongdoing or criminal cover-up. Just can’t take it anymore!

Hat tip:  Cry and Howl


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