BHO and Obots in Panic Mode?

past tense of panic


Pastor Emeritus Nathan Bickel has a very revealing post up at his Moral blog!  I am sharing it here at Talk Wisdom because I think that it needs to go viral!  Therefore, if you have a blog, I encourage you to get the truth out there regarding the g()()gle  ()bots schemes to shut down sites which are disseminating important information about this criminal enterprise that surrounds the horribly evil BHO BADministration!

Can it be that aka Obama is in apparent panic mode? Is he now terrified of  the carnival barkers?

Remember the one (of many occasions) when aka Barack Hussein Obama molested the presidential podium and called out those who desired “eligibility”accountability on his part? Remember how he ridiculed “them” as “carnival barkers?”

Two days ago the website was taken down. The site had been previously called, is a website highly (and rightly so) critical of aka Obama’s actions against traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. For the most part it allows free access for viewers to register their comments. Those who stand by aka Obama’s molestation abominations committed against America, are given space to defend their criminally scandal-ridden ID fraud.

Yet, for some reason, – and, apparently so, it wasn’t enough that aka Obama be defended by his enablers on Instead, the website was mysteriously taken out of the Internet loop. Fortunately, the Birtherreport handlers are working on transferring their website content to another server and they can be done with the one Internet entity, that for no logical reason apparently decided to suspend their website.

Many Americans take for granted their First Amendment rights; and many of them probably don’t know aka Obama’s recent assault upon that (once) free speech right. Aka Obama signed into law, devilish legislation which severely limits that right and makes big government the capricious arbiter – Obama Secretly Signs No Free Speech Bill –

Why wouldn’t scandal-ridden, criminal ID fraud aka Obama, not care to “lean on” Internet entities such as Google, to further his limitation of American First Amendment rights – especially when those “carnival barkers” are fast chasing at his felony ID fraud terrified and fleeing heels?

My comment there (in moderation as of 2/10/14 at 7:58 a.m.):

Oh my gosh!!!  When I first heard about the Birther Report hacking, I suspected that g00gle HAD to be the culprit!  I went through another type of harassment with my bl0gger Talk Wisdom blog – continual virus attacks.   Ever since I stopped signing into my former blog through g00gle and re-opened my 2008 Word Press blog back in Oct. 2013, I have had ZERO virus attacks!  I now use Start Page for all searches and never sign into Y0uTube anymore.

You are absolutely right that Mr. Zero and his Obots are terrified about the truth finally coming out about this obviously criminal BADministration and  lying usurper!  Previously, the Obotslaves just laughed off websites like the Birther Report and others.  Now, they are trying to do all they can to shut them down!  Just like Mr. Zero illegally utilized the IRS to shut down TEA Party and Conservative groups from getting tax exempt status in order to control the 2012 election.

GREAT work here Pastor Nathan!!  I must now go back and finish your post.  When I got to the point where you identified the hacker – g00gle – I had to comment.

This information needs to go viral so I am sharing this post on my blog today!

~  Christine

P.S.  My old blog is still up and I have access to all my former posts (without signing in) via the search button at the top of the page.  Hi Stats is still linked to it and it  reveals that 100 – 200 views are still occurring there; plus, it shows how people got there via their search criteria.  When the Soebarkah information resurfaced online, many came to that blog to read what I had previously written.  As long as I no longer sign into g00gle and just “visit” my old blog, I do not have any virus attacks.  Therefore, what those evil g00gle boogey-men tried to suppress (at my former blog – which includes a lot of Christian content) is still being read by hundreds of new visitors each week.  Praise God!

I’m so glad that we “met” online Pastor Bickel and am so blessed to be able to read your excellent work here at Moral Matters!

No matter what happens here on this earth, we know that Jesus Christ is victorious through it all!


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