In Christ Alone

Sharing a worship song here at my blog for my wonderful friend Kelly and her family.  Kelly experienced a Christmas miracle this month when she shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her Dad (and he accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior!!!)!  She shared with me that her faith has been  strengthened forever through this miracle that happened with her Dad!  This all happened just over a week before he passed away on this day, December 31, 2013.

God bless you Kelly.

Christ looked down upon you and your Dad at that moment of salvation for your Dad and I know He said, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


17 Responses to “In Christ Alone”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Well…look who showed up at my new blog!

    Happy New Year, GM.


  3. Cry and Howl Says:

    Been wondering where you’ve been. Great post … best news!


  4. christinewjc Says:

    Hi Steve,

    I know. I’ve been absent from blogging for too long. It just seems that things keep coming up and overall busyness creeps into my life lately.

    But I shouldn’t complain. Not after reading Matt Walsh’s blog and all that he and his family recently went through!

    Happy New Year!


    • Cry and Howl Says:

      I read Mr. Walsh’s blog post and will say I don’t envy the guy at all. Of course he’s much younger than I. (I think everyone is younger than I am!)
      I’m quite satisfied that Rini and I went out to diner Christmas night. We have no family near by. Her sister and brother-in-law live in Calif (in a “palace” I might add) and my brother and his wife live in Calif as well (my brother is retired).
      Rini has three daughters. Two live in Calif. One lives in Alaska. All her grand-children live with their mothers (naturally). Soooooo … it’s just little ol’ Rini and Steve. (and Sandy the Shi-Tzu) I like life very uncomplicated. Regardless little lady, stay in touch!


  5. christinewjc Says:

    Ha ha ha Steve! I often feel the same way – everyone is younger than I am these days!

    Thanks for sharing some of your family history. Our relatives are all back east so it’s usually just the four of us celebrating various holidays.

    We enjoy mostly beautiful weather here in CA, but it is SO EXPENSIVE to live here! I guess we have to pay the price for good weather. You’ll love this…my husband recently got interested in possibly moving to Wyoming! He HATES the liberalism here (as do I) and recent laws passed in CA just about put him over the top in disgust! From what we have read in online newspapers, Cody, Wyoming sounds like our kind of people – all conservative! I just don’t know if I could take the cold! Forty degrees at night here is cold to me! Plus, I would hate to be so far away from our adult children!

    As you have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately. But I have some really great information to share re: Bible end times prophecy and Christian related issues! Hopefully things will calm down this week and I’ll have time to devote to writing here.

    I have stopped writing about Mr. Zero anymore. It seems that nothing will ever be done regarding his plethora of crimes and lawlessness. The terrible harm he and his evil cohorts have wreaked upon our nation is awful! But I keep up with it all by reading your blog! As always – you continue to do great work exposing the fraud!!!

    Matt Walsh has quite the following! When my Word Press blog grows up, I hope it becomes as well read as his!

    Not sure if I told you that ever since I haven’t signed into g00gle, I haven’t had ANY virus attacks on my computer! It was all coming from those creeps! We also switched our phone from att to our cable co. phone and the static and disruptions (and I think it was tapped for a while) have stopped! Caller ID is great too!

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get a gravatar photo done. Also, I hesitate to connect to Facebook, twitter or any other social network. I know it means that the reach of my blog will be less, but not having to cope with all the virus attacks anymore seems worth it. With blogger, I was getting dozens per day! I have good virus protection and they were all blocked, quarantined and eliminated by my anti-virus definitions. But still, it was unnerving getting the attack aterts so often.

    I guess you noticed that GM “found me” here at my new blog. Ha ha…I was wondering how long it would take him to figure it out!

    Thanks for your concern when I’m absent from the blog. I appreciate you for wanting to be sure I’m OK!


  6. GMpilot Says:

    You mean you were CONCERNED about me? Ha!
    Since you went on ‘vacation’, I did too…but I knew where you’d gone well before I signed in. You must have known I’d find you. You declared me your nemesis, and that’s what a nemesis does.
    So, this makes…three sites now, that you’ve begun and abandoned? You’ve been away from THIS one long enough, judging by your post records. I look forward to our continued disagreements at this site.

    So much happening! Virus attacks, suspicions of tapping…perhaps you should exercise more care whom you associate with.

    I take it you’re aware that marijuana is now being sold legally in Colorado. I personally wouldn’t find that reassuring, conservatives or no conservatives. Anyway, running there won’t help. It’ll only buy you a few more years before the crocodile eats you. If you believe your principles are worth maintaining, stay and fight for them.

    I guess this means talkwisdom.blogspot is not long for this world. Promise that you’ll re-publish your dispatch on Obama’s breakdown before it closes! Such comedy! I’m starting a countdown to see how long before you start your anti-Obama screeds again, despite your declaration.

    Well, keep at it. We’ll talk again.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Concerned? About you?? Ha ha ha! That would be the day.

      Oh…BTW, It was Cody WYOMING where my hubby was interested in moving. Forget your glasses?

      There were reasons why I “abandoned” former sites. In the first case, it wasn’t worth maintaining the forum since blogging had become more popular. In the second case, g00gle changed it’s requirements and wanted me to sign into “all of g00gle” in order to sign into my own blog! I wasn’t willing to do that, so decided to bring my Word Press blog back to life. As you can see in my reply to Steve, ever since I have not signed into blogger, I have not had any virus attacks on my computer.

      I don’t know whether or not the blogger Talk Wisdom blog will stay up indefinitely. I wanted to transport the posts here, but I would have needed to sign into all of g00gle in order to do it the easy way. Therefore, I just put up a link and do searches for content that I want to utilize here from that blog.

      About Mr. Zero…I think it’s pathetic that you still choose to support that creature despite all of the evidence that he is trying to destroy this nation. But that’s what “progressives” do…they use Alinsky’s rules for radicals and the Cloward Piven method of manufactured crisis to LIE and destroy what is good in the world. So be it. As it is written in Scripture:

      2Cr 7:10

      For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.


  7. GMpilot Says:

    Ah, you’re back in form again, with your comments about “that creature” and “Mr. Zero” and your “so be it” and the usual bible juju. My, that was a mighty short countdown, but I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

    All right, WYOMING is not Colorado. I am chastened. But my comment still stands—you’re not going to escape the ‘problem’ by leaving California. I don’t know what ‘progressives’ do, but since you don’t like them, you must not be one. That makes you a ‘regressive’, right?

    I guess this means the Christmas truce is officially over. Come out swingin’!


    • christinewjc Says:

      How typical of you to not have anything nice, good, useful, or appropriate to say about the original post.

      You are so much like your “hero” Zero; attempting to change the subject (e.g like 0 did regarding. “income inequality” – a communist concept that exists in Cuba and North Korea where the “elites” live in luxury and everyone else suffers in poverty) when the disaster of his lies about the unaffordable care act have been exposed and millions lost their health insurance plans.

      Well, Mr. Zero deserves the designation of “creature.” After all, he likes Alinsky’s rules for radicals book so much that he uses it against the American people! And, Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer…so it seems fitting to me to call the pResident in the White House a “creature” like Lucifer.

      Real nice “hero” you got there GM. And you think I’m the loon.


  8. Cry and Howl Says:

    Move your family to Texas. Problem solved. I don’t want to live anywhere else. Relatively inexpensive, decent weather, (at least around Ft. Worth) okay it gets hot in the summer … but that’s what summer is all about and that’s why air-conditioning was invented. My wife’s sister wants us to move out to Calif. when I retire. No way! I’d rather rent a single-wide trailer in Texas! Of course if one is a multi-millionaire Calif. might not be bad. But I digress. I’m staying right here … call me when you decide on Texas. I’ll help your husband find a great home at a fraction you’re paying now. 🙂


    • christinewjc Says:

      Years ago, I visited Dallas in the summer and it was hot and humid! At least the heat here in CA is usually dry heat off the desert.

      My husband used to travel to Texas all the time. He is now retired.

      We have lived here for over 26 years so it would be difficult to move and leave our adult children and friends behind.

      If we get the chance to visit Fort Worth, we will look you up!


      • Cry and Howl Says:

        No need to “look me up” …
        I’m easy to find.
        Okay, because I trust you … 817-204-4123
        Get the chance to come to Ft. Worth and me and Rina will be delighted to be your hosts.
        If he’s retired you have all the time in the world.


  9. GMpilot Says:

    I said nothing at all about the original post because there was nothing to say. It was your sentiment and it was “that” time of year, so I didn’t wish to pick a fight. All I said was “Happy New Year”, and you even responded in kind. It’s only when you and your paladin noted my presence and began the remarks that I felt obliged to reply. So, what subject did I ‘change’?
    Millions have lost their health insurance plans, hm? Where? Maybe in those GOP-led states that refuse to implement the ACA, I’d bet. If there are ‘millions’ out there, point me to a couple. With so many to pick from, that should be easy.
    One party has Alinsky and the other has Ayn Rand. This is not a winnable contest for either side. And even if I believed you about Alinsky, what’s the point in dedicating a book to a fictitious person? THEY won’t read it! As for this “income inequality” you’re raving about, well…your hero argued that the poor would always be there but that you were still obligated to help them (unlike North Korea). New construction distributes wealth more evenly and far better than tax cuts.
    But we’ll have plenty of time to go into this, if you want. For now, god’s in his heaven, the planets are in their orbits, and you and I are here. Let’s go.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Do some research, GM. The amount of cancelled premiums should be easy to find, unless one prefers to keep one’s head in the sand.

      Alinsky has many admirers who have made public statements saying so. Killary Clinton is one. Zero has been utilizing the tactics over and over again during his 5 years of destruction here in America. It will take decades to undo the harm that puppet of George Soros has done to our nation.

      I have linked to former posts about Alinsky and his far leftist minions like Ozero.
      Can’t leave out Obummer’s allegiance to the Cloward Piven method of Orchestrated Crisis. It is part of the evil stew he and his handlers have stirred over the years as well.

      But, all of the proof we now have of his evil doings would never convince a diehard ObamaBorgBot like you. You own the “hear no evil, see no evil” mantra that the Bots adhere to. It’s really sad. Bots like you claim that Lucifer is a “fictitious person,” but the evidence shows how real the sin, evil and death is under such satanic followers.

      P.S. Scroll down on this page and see Insane Ozero writing about his evil “hero” as a community organizer.


  10. GMpilot Says:

    ”Do some research, GM. The amount of cancelled premiums should be easy to find, unless one prefers to keep one’s head in the sand.”

    I’ll did, and you lied.

    If your other claims are as good as this one, commieblaster has a lot of remedial work ahead of him.


    • christinewjc Says:

      The cancelled premiums are a fact. See under “the Pinocchio test” at the link you cited.

      “It is correct, according to the AP’s count, that 4.7 million people received a letter saying that their insurance was canceled. From a political perspective, perhaps it does not matter if the transition to another plan was seamless; they still got a cancellation letter, contrary to the president’s famous pledge.”

      4.7 cancelled premiums! And the “new” ones weren’t as good as what they previously had (according to people who have appeared on Fox News and in other conservative venues). “Transitioning to another plan may have appeared to be “seamless” to this particular propagandist, but it certainly wasn’t for those who lost plans that they liked and are now forced to take ones with higher deductibles, less coverage, coverage for things they don’t need etc.

      Obama still LIED about “keeping your insurance; keeping your doctor” to millions of people and you can’t get around that fact!

      The following portion is the OPINION of the writer:

      “But that does not mean that the 4.7 million figure can be easily compared to the number of people signing up for coverage via the exchanges.”

      Facts are facts, like this one – That’s rich: Poverty level under Obama breaks 50-year record

      In true Alinsky/Cloward Piven/Commie fashion, 0zero is keeping people in poverty purposely to keep them dependent on gov handouts so these cruel leftist creeps can continue to be re-elected and rule with the communist iron fist..

      Fine mess your zero-hero has gotten America into!!


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