Civilian Defenders of Liberty

Hat tip:  Donna N. for photo

I rarely listen to Rush Limbaugh (usually too busy), but while driving to a park yesterday to join my friend Donna for a two-mile walk, I heard him state that he thought that the Republicans should do NOTHING to help the Democrats get out of this terrible debacle wreaking havoc upon Americans who are losing their health insurance. It was difficult for me to agree with this because my husband and I might be next in losing our insurance next year when the employer mandate kicks in.

From the start, my friend Donna and I KNEW that ObamaSCARE HELLcare would be disastrous for our nation!

Way back in 2009, we made our signs and protested against the UNaffordable Health Care Act (as well as the liberal leftist government lunatics running our beloved America into the ground)  alongside all the other TEA Party Patriots who showed up. For a trip down memory lane to view the warnings being shown at the protest, see my former blog posts about them.

Donna and I at protest in July, 2009.

What is ObamaSCARE HELLcare REALLY all about? It’s about placing the chains of tyranny upon the American people! Those who pooh-poohed our concerns back then and labeled TEA Party Patriots all kinds of derogatory names are now realizing why we all fought SO HARD to keep this terrible law from becoming a reality in America.

After the 2010 election brought in the Republican-led  Congress, they passed 39 bills trying to either de-fund or eliminate the HELLcare law.

Just weeks ago, Ted Cruz was ridiculed (even by some Republicans likes that dinosaur RINO, John McCain) and disparaged by many in the media of mass deception for his filibuster-like 21 hour speech on the House Chamber floor as he attempted to get the public’s attention (especially the low-information voters) for the need to eliminate this horrible law!  Of course, Harry ReiDUNCE refused to bring the House bills up for a vote.

I believe that Cruz and the handful of  Conservative Republican Senators who were brave enough to stand by him (Mike Lee, Rand Paul to name two) have now all been VINDICATED because of the DISASTER that has ensued when the RINO Republicans caved on the government shutdown.

Now, (as my friend Steve points out at his blog), Despite the Liberal Drivel, It’s Democrats Who Are in a Panic!

Question: Do Democrats EVER tell the truth about ANYTHING?
Answer: A BIG FAT NO!!

H/T for graphic:  Constitution Seminar

There was a WND Defenders of Liberty speech contest back in July, 2009. It is just as apropos today as it was back in 2009.  Perhaps even more fitting to share during the healthcare turmoil we are currently experiencing!  The link no longer works, but I’m glad that I made a copy of the speech so that I could re-post it here.

The Defenders of Liberty

Posted: July 04, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

By John Manning
© 2009

Editor’s note: Following is the winning entry submitted in WorldNetDaily’s Independence Day tea party speech contest.

Fastened upon our ancestors by the despots of faraway lands, the Chains of Tyranny were linked by hereditary bondage, undeserved tribute and indentured servitude. By exhibiting gallant resolve and courage – in some cases against the face of certain death – our Minutemen forefathers gloriously threw off these chains just 233 short years ago.

Much has changed since that time. Yet today, we hear again the rattling and clanking of the Chains of Tyranny. The chains we hear are held not by foreign powers. Dreadfully, it is those among us, many of whom are our elected leaders, who possess the chains and toil endlessly to cast them across our backs. Now heavier and longer, the Chains of Tyranny have been wrought with new links – apathy masked by complacency, socialism fueled by internationalism, cults of undeserved celebrity and a reckless belief in the equality of results.

Moreover, they are now deceptively plated in gold. We have been assured, time and time again, by those who hold the chains that they “know better” and that to embrace their shackles would be “for our own good.”

The threatened return of the Chains of Tyranny triggers that transcendent call for us to assemble here today.

Who are we?

We are the Defenders of Liberty!

Our hands reach across generations. We do not perceive the value of each other in abstract terms of race, gender, ethnicity or creed. We do not see ourselves as rich or poor. We spurn “identity politics” as a lazy and inadequate substitute for a guarded vigilance balanced by independent thoughts. For we are all individual citizens of America – black and white, man and woman, Mayflower descendent and newly naturalized – and we must all stand united to protect freedom’s priceless but delicate charge!

We detest efforts by the holders of the Chains of Tyranny to corrupt the everyday meaning of things and turn us against one another.

Hope is not faith! Change is not reform! Taxation is not charity! Equality is not opportunity! Servitude is not freedom!

To this end, we reject the following confused ideas tinkered in minds that reason abandoned and faith no longer moderates: Inconvenient truths, audacities of hope, carbon footprints, unearned incomes and government-sponsored “recoveries.”

We believe there is but one market – the free market – that, if allowed to run unfettered in a free society, can provide all men and women the opportunity to use the results of their work to better themselves, their families and their communities.

We know that public bailouts, no matter the intention, foster dependence, which in turn fornicates with servitude and begets slavery. For this reason alone, we would rather walk than drive a car made by any government! We would rather be paupers than be made rich by “public” money! We would rather drop dead than be cared for by Nurse Fed!

We further reject the guise of “universal health care” and recognize this abhorrent creature for what it is: a brazen attempt to seize illegally our wealth, control how we care for our mortal bodies, limit our access to the best medicines, stifle scientific progress and medical innovation, and transform our doctor’s offices and hospitals into DMV-style waiting rooms.

The Defenders of Liberty will never stand by and ignore the attempts of others to cast off their own chains of servitude. We will not strike accords or offer bribes to dictators! We would rather cut off our hands before extending them to the harbingers of evil!

Speaking of evil, we know only those true rights: those that are unalienable and endowed by our Creator. We reject penumbral “rights” as false and dangerous ideas contrived in judicial cauldrons established only to massacre those who permeate the bookends of life.

And finally, we know that our sovereignty shall forever reside in We the People. For this we reassert that any government that limits the God-given right of her citizens to defend themselves automatically ceases to be a government – for such action shall void the social contract from which it was forged.

We are the True Patriots, left to guard perpetually that shining city upon a hill. We know of her, we dream of her, and yes, throughout history she has had a name: AMERICA! Let us rally around her, for we are the Defenders of Liberty! Let us hoist our flags, wave our banners and bear our arms! Let us be vigilant and fight any attempt to ravage her! For, as the envious eyes of the world are still cast upon us, we vow not to be the last to feel the sweet effervescence of her freedom!

God bless America!

Hat tips:

John Manning – Author of The Defenders of Liberty

Donna N. – Photos

Cry and Howl

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2 Responses to “Civilian Defenders of Liberty”

  1. Cry and Howl Says:

    Hey Christine! The RINOs are as dangerous if not more than the Democrats. The Republican establishment won’t let real conservatives have any voice.


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Terribly sad and very true, Steve. The horrible treatment of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Libertarian Rand Paul by the RINOS during the shutdown prove this fact. They don’t want any “outsiders” coming in and rocking the boat of their “establishment” goals! It shows how much the RINOS hate the TEA Party, too! NOTHING has been done by Boehner to hold Obamafraud and his ilk accountable for ANY of the scandals! Why is that? I think that Boehner knew “the plan” regarding Benghazi, and when it went terribly wrong, he couldn’t bring himself to form a select committee hearing on the issue, for fear of his butt being exposed!

    Heading over to your blog after this, but have you heard about what happened to Judge Napolitano over at Fox News? His show was dropped, and some bloggers believe it was because of what he revealed in one of his final shows!

    I think that “powers that be” didn’t like Napolitano’s exposure of their “NWO” and “Agenda 21” plans and goals!


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