Very Kind Recognition From a Blogging Friend!

My friend Steve over at Cry and Howl has chosen to recognize my little ole’ blog here as a top conservative blog!  Although I haven’t transported my 9 years of blogging from Blogger yet, Steve has been a consistent friend and huge support towards me and my writings.  I really appreciate you Steve!  You made my day today!




Now…if I could just figure out how to create a sidebar here!  LOL!


3 Responses to “Very Kind Recognition From a Blogging Friend!”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    Hey Steve – hope you stop by and read this. I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to post blogs in my blogroll here! I set up the widget, but haven’t discovered the way to put blog links within the blogroll! Arrgghh!


  2. Cry and Howl Says:

    Hey Christine! Let me study your theme for a second and I’ll get back with you on the blog roll thing. Transferring blog posts from Blogger to Word Press might be challenging but the blog roll thing is relatively easy.


  3. christinewjc Says:

    Thanks! It’s probably right in front of my nose but since it’s quite different from Blogger, I can’t seem to figure it out! Feel like such a newbie. It was quite easy to get the “blogs I follow” widget to work because of the “following” button on each Word Press blog. I also was able to utilize some other widgets. I need to find that tutorial link again and read up so I don’t have to bother my Word Press friends! LOL

    Update: Yay!! I finally figured it out! The tutorial helped a lot.


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