Obama’s Demeanor Of Creepy and Snark in Debate

The pundits are ablaze in rating the performances of both Romney and Obama in order to determine “who won the debate” last night.  This is not a comprehensive evaluation or analysis.  It is just a gut feeling that I have as a Christian Conservative female voter.


Obama’s “look” and stares at Romney were…well…just creepy.


While listening to the pundits, one quipped that she “had never seen that look on Obama before.”  A young, black woman (sorry…forget her name) who said she was an undecided voter was interviewed on Fox News this morning by Jenna Lee.  She stated that she didn’t like the snark of Obama and she is now leaning towards voting for Romney!  The economy is that voter’s biggest concern.


Perhaps this gives us an indication that Romney’s more uplifting, positive,solution oriented and future-leaning debating style will appeal to more women voters and take him over the top in the swing states.  We shall see.


When more of the “fact checking” truth comes out and is revealed, I think that such revelations will prove to be another negative against Obama’s so-called “win” in this debate.  Hopefully, it will mean that he may have been perceived as “winning,” but will lose the election because he turned off so many women voters.


Charles Krauthammer pointed out that He assessed that Romney had to show the American people that he was someone they can trust as commander in chief. During the debate, he said, “Romney went large. Obama went very, very small – shockingly small.   The highest point for Romney, Krauthammer identified as the point when he “devastatingly leveled the charge of Obama going around the world on an apology tour.”


Obama’s faux “hope and change” turned into “creepy and snark” last night.  Women, in particular, notice such things.  Our intuition is such that seeing a person change his demeanor – like a chameleon changes colors to suit it’s surroundings – is a huge turn-off.


Women have ongoing  problems with arrogant men.  We have had to deal with them throughout our entire lives.  Seeing Obama’s demeanor so starkly different from the more presidential demeanor of Romney speaks VOLUMES!


Romney had a good answer that covered all of Obama’s snarky attacks.  Romney:  “Attacking me is not an agenda.”


We have seen Obama’s demeanor change in each of the three debates.  In the first debate, he appeared lethargic, weak, and unprepared.  Some democrats (Al Gore) gave the excuse that it must have been the high altitude in Colorado.   I recall wondering if Obama was actually high on drugs!  In the second debate, Obama was rude, arrogant and in attack mode.  As Paul Ryan stated (paraphrased here) ‘Obama had nothing to run on so he resorted to attack and blame.’


Obama probably thought that he scored some political points in that debate (with the help of Candy Crowley cutting off Governor Romney’s responses and LYING for Obama about the Benghazi massacre).  But again, I think that women voters (who aren’t raging ObamaBorg Bot leftists) were turned off by it all.


In this third debate, Obama’s creepy stares at Romney and snarky comments (bayonets???) showed a third side of his revolving chameleon-like persona.


Which one is the real Obama??


Those of us who have been paying any attention over the past four plus years, know a lot about Obama’s past.  The documentary 2016: Obama’s America puts it all together quite well, too!  Another four years of Obama would be extremely detrimental to the United States of America and to the entire world!


~  Christine


Hat Tip:  Fox News Insider.com


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