2016: Obama’s America – Change You Will Grieve In

Yesterday, I enjoyed a long and pleasant walk with my friend Donna.  It was a beautiful day – 74 degrees, sunny, a nice cool breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.  We spent at least two hours, enjoying the freedoms of this Constitutional Republic that Benjamin Franklin once said in reply to a woman who asked him, “what kind of government have you given us, sir?”

Benjamin Franklin replied:

“We have given you a Republic – if you can keep it.”

THAT sums up what the upcoming election on November 6, 2012 is all about.  Will America succumb to the forces of evil that want to push “change we will grieve in” or will America keep our Constitutional Republic alive??

Now, you may pooh-pooh my fears here.  So be it.  But this is what the TEA Party originally was all about!!  Those who oppose what Benjamin Franklin and the Founding Fathers gave us – want to change us into something else.  Dinesh D’Souza blatantly warns us what that “change” would look like if Obama is re-elected. (God forbid!)

Donna is my friend who keeps up on the politics of the Obama regime, like I do.  She is the friend who invited me to the first TEA Party protest.  For the first time in my life, I created a sign (against Obamacare), stood out on a busy street corner holding it and waving at supporters of my sign and our entire Taxed Enough Already cause as they drove by; honking their horns approvingly.  Of course, the ObamaBorg Bots who drove by put up their middle fingers at us.  Some even rolled down their windows and cursed a blue streak.

Donna and I talked about the movie-documentary, the two debates, the Benghazi massacre, the upcoming election, and even Mitt Romney’s funny speech at the A.E. Smith dinner the other night.

We shared the exciting news that Mitt Romney is gaining more momentum and has pulled ahead of Obama in many important polls.  However, Donna said that she doesn’t trust the Obama regime (neither do I!!) and fears that something will happen prior to the election (or just plain voter fraud on election day) that will enable Obama to stay in power.

She is the first friend of mine that saw the documentary 2016:  Obama’s America in the movie theater.  She told me that she invited and took two 20-something-year-olds (Obama supporters in 2008) to the movie and they drastically changed their minds about Obama.

Before viewing the movie the other night with my husband, I wondered why the film producer, Dinesh D’Souza, included the following in the subtitle:

Love Him

Hate Him

You Don’t Know Him

After seeing the movie, I realized the brilliance (and truth) of that statement.  Whether you were (or are) a supporter of Obama, or whether you were (or are) a detractor of Obama – YOU DON’T KNOW HIM!

This blog has countless posts, links, opinions, facts, suppositions (my Talk Wisdom Reports – You Decide posts), analyses, debates via comments, and information that spans over the course of five years since Obama announced his run for the presidency in 2008.  But even with all of that information, I had much more to learn about Obama and his plans for America.  The movie, 2016:  Obama’s America chillingly taught me what I had yet to learn about Obama and his plans for America – and the world.

Of course, I am only one person and cannot possibly keep up with all the negative news about Obama.

For instance, I have yet to write about the fact that The Supreme Court Halts Military Voting Rights Law This Election But Case Continues.

However, I have attempted to share a lot of information about the Benghazi terrorist attack and killings. Still, there is always more to learn:

Libya: Why the Crime is Worse than the Cover-up

The Libyan Scandal: A Complete(?) Compilation of Failures

Devastating Failures in Libya

After viewing the movie, 2016: Obama’s America, my understanding of the Arab Spring, the recent and  current uprisings in the Middle East – including the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya – makes more sense to me. No matter what the entire truth is, that movie shows us what kind of mindset Obama lives in. And it is TOTALLY UN-AMERICAN, CHILLING, AND SCARY!!

I ran across a comment this morning that I will re-post here.  It is an excellent account of what the movie, 2016:  Obama’s America is all about.  I DO RECOMMEND that you see this movie and bring as many people as you can in your living room to watch it with you.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet…Spoiler Alert!!

Copy of Essay:


I just saw 2016 (pay per view), and a few days ago I saw Dreams from my Real Father (Netflix). It is difficult to say which is true as to his real father’s identity, but the parallel universes shared by both movies agree with each other as for events and time frames.

But what I wanted to tell you is that you need to see these two movies, but for certain 2016. Unlike Dreams From My Real Father, 2016 provides an explanation, a model, a background that perfectly describes what is motivating Obama. And the predictions from the author at the end of his book as to what Obama would do thus far have come to pass.

Prediction 1: Do nothing to stop Iran from getting the bomb.
Prediction 2: Spend like there is no deficit.
Prediction 3: If he has to tackle the deficit, he will cut military and raise taxes.

The prediction of 2016 if Obama gets a second term include:

Prediction A: Reduce America’s nuclear weapons from 1500 to 300. It should be pointed out that Russia is said to have 1500, but they may have more. Otherwise, we are talking 300 for France and less for China or Britain or for any other nation. This is to allow Iran or other countries (Muslim in particular) to have a more level playing field in the military arena. Most importantly, Obama has stated that no single nation should be allowed to choose who should have nuclear weapons, and to achieve this no nation will have nuclear weapons. The problem is that we can’t make them give up their nukes, but he can take ours away – if the Pentagon lets him.Prediction B: Continue spending until the global economy collapses, making the level playing field for all nations, both colonial and colonized. As the author puts it, debt of mass destruction. Thus the colonized nations who have had their wealth stolen by the colonial nations will be at par in a new brave world of competition.

Obama subscribes to Obama Sr’s view that to deal with great wealth centralized at the top of political power, you need the power of state to manage it (Obamacare), and you need to use taxes. Okay, but what is important to understand is that 100% tax of income is not an unreasonable picture to Obama Sr or Obama, so long as the people receive fair compensation from the government in return.

What you need to understand is that when Obama talks about taking the wealth from the top 1% and sharing it with the 99% below them, from his perspective, America as a whole is that 1%. In comparison to most countries in the world, America’s poor are very rich.

Charles Bolden was made head of NASA with the charge to transform NASA from America’s technical greatness into a vehicle by which we could help Islamic nations feel good about Muslim contributions to science.

Obama wants to return the Falklands to Argentina, returning the possessions stolen from the colonized by the colonizer. He subsides South American oil exploration while denying American off shore drilling and the key stone pipeline – enriching the colonized at the expense of the colonizers.

This pattern, transferring wealth from the colonizers to the colonized, is the core of EVERYTHING we see Obama doing on the world politic. It is foreign to American culture or thought. It is anti-American. If anyone believes that Obama wants to try harder to help America, they need to watch 2016.

His brother, George Obama, doesn’t hold his views, doesn’t worship at the altar of the grave of Obama Sr. George says that Kenya has hurt since the colonizers left during their revolution for independence. President Obama, therefore, doesn’t want anything to do with him and has no interest to help him.

Obama supports Muslims through out the world, because he sees them as colonial freedom fighters. He sees Israel as a small colonial power of the ME [Middle East], so you can see why he doesn’t appreciate our alliance with Israel. He supports the occupied people pushing out the occupiers- does that sound familiar? Occupy Wall Street is the young generation pushing out the older generation that stole all the wealth.

Everything we have seen Obama do in his four years of office make complete sense when you consider the dream from his father, to take from the colonizers and redistribute to the colonized. And the only time he uses the word “colonizers” is in reference to the western world colonizing the Muslim world.

The author of 2016 made it clear that he (being Indian) cannot vote. The entire world will be affected by how America votes in a few weeks. What we decide will impact him and everyone else and there is not a thing he can do other than to warn us.


Hat Tip: Greggy

Hat Tips to all links.


In Other News:

Looks like the ObamaBorg Bot bubble has deflated among 20-something year old college students and recent graduates:

Obama Losing Youth Votes


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